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Guidelines for Preparation of Oral Presentation
  • The presentation MUST BE in English.
  • The presentation must be prepared for a total time of 8 minutes: 6 min for presentation and 2 min for Questions & Answers.
  • Please note that Session Chairperson has the right to terminate your running presentation in case you exceed the allotted time of 6 min + 2min.
  • Presenters MUST ENSURE that there is no copyright and trademark violation in their presentation. Appropriate source, reference must be given.
  • Presentation Schedule will be intimated in advance.
Guidelines for Preparation of e-Poster
  • The poster must be in English with Times New Roman font. The slide must be in landscape view.
  • A single slide must be prepared containing the presentation in the format of Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusion.
  • The slide has to be saved and shared in the PDF format
  • The poster must contain the title, author names& the department/institution name which the presenter/author represents
  • The e-poster should be sent to your respective session co-ordinators ONLY (please see  the tab ‘Session List:Award/Poster/Oral’ to know your respective sessions and your session co-ordinators)  by December 8, 2021
  • Poster presentation will be for 3 minutes followed by 2 minutes for Questions and Answers
  • All posters selected for the conference will remain in the conference website for the duration of the conference.
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