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Sustainability Seminar on Water

Professor Hadas Mamane, Tel Aviv University, The Nitsan Lab at Tel Aviv University, Israel, delivered a talk at the seminar on “Sustainable Approach-Water, Waste Water and Renewable Energy” on January 6, 2020. Prof. Hadas Mamane’s research focuses on developing water treatment processes and technologies by introducing natural and induced photons, radicals, reactive species, and nanoparticles into the water.

Prof. Mamane elaborated upon several different methods of water purification, the challenges involved, and the model experiments conducted in Israel in collaboration with India. Delegates from the Government of Kerala Shri. Sunil VM (Water), Dr. Madhusudan (Education), and Shri. Prasad Balachandran &Maker Village) along with researchers from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham attended the seminar.

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