Amrita Darshanam, International Centre for Spiritual Studies (ICSS) will organize a Three-day Workshop on Tantric Traditions in India from 2 to 4 August 2019.

This workshop concerns the history, textual sources, ritual, philosophies, and social contexts of India’s tantric traditions, and examines their influence in the broader cultural and religious landscape.

Focused on Śaiva and Śākta traditions, the workshop will also explore tantric traditions of Buddhism, Vaiṣṇavism, and Jainism.

Traditions centered around the rituals and doctrines of the tantras flourished throughout the subcontinent and the lands of its influence from at least the 6th century CE, and some remain vital living traditions today. Though long neglected and misunderstood, academic study of the tantric traditions has advanced significantly in recent decades. This introductory workshop provides an historical overview of these traditions, while exploring key topics in tantric practices and philosophies. Highlights include sessions on the tantric traditions in relation to traditional medicine, art, and Haṭhayoga.


Topics to be Covered

  • Approaching the Study of India’s
    Tantric Traditions: methods, sources, and cultural and academic contexts
  • Tantric Śaivism: early history
  • The Bhairavatantras and Śāktatantras
  • Tantric Ritual and Yoga
  • Tantric Śaiva Cosmology and Philosophy
  • Tantra, Art, and Material Culture
  • Śaivism and Vajrayāna Buddhism
  • Tantra and Haṭhayoga
  • Śaktism and Traditional Medicine
  • Early Śaiva Tantric Medicine
  • Jaina Tantra


The workshop aims to :

  • examine particular tantric traditions focused on Śiva, Viṣṇu, Devī, Jaina and Bauddha Tantra.
  • explore social aspects of tantrism.
  • undertake a general study of the concerned primary and secondary texts.
  • popularize the tantric studies among the public.


The workshop is organized in association with Amrita Centre for Research and Development

Venue: Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bengaluru Campus


Resource Persons:

Dr. Shaman Hatley is an associate professor of Asian Studies and Religious Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston (USA). He completed an interdisciplinary liberal arts degree at Goddard College in 1998, and then studied Indology and Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. His doctoral thesis on the Brahmayāmala and Śaiva yoginī cults was completed in 2007, after which he taught at Concordia University, Montréal (2007–2015). His research mainly concerns early Tantric Śaivism, goddess cults, and yoga. Recent publications include The Brahmayāmalatantra or Picumata, Volume I: Chapters 1–2, 39–40, & 83. Revelation, Ritual, and Material Culture in an Early Śaiva Tantra (Pondicherry, 2018). He is a contributor to the Tāntrikābhidhānakośa (“A Dictionary of Technical Terms from Hindu Tantric Literature”), and currently he is preparing a monograph on the Yoginī cults of early medieval India.

Dr. Michael Slouber is an associate professor of South Asian Studies at the Department of Global Humanities and Religions (formerly Liberal Studies), Western Washington University (USA). He is a specialist in early medieval religions of India, with research focus on the history of medicine, tantra, and studies of lesser-known goddess traditions. He is the author of Early Tantric Medicine: Snakebite, Mantras, and Healing in the Gāruḍa Tantras (Oxford University Press, 2016). His current project is editing and contributing to a collection of translated goddess narratives called A Garland of Goddesses: Hindu Tales of the Divine Feminine from India and Beyond. Well trained in the classical languages of India — Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit — at the University of California, Berkeley (USA) and the University of Hamburg (Germany), he is an honorary fellow of the International Association of Sanskrit Studies.



Indian General

  • Rs. 3500/- (Comprehensive Fee, Including Food & Accommodation)
  • Rs. 2400/- (Workshop Participation only, Including Lunch)

Indian Students (Other than Amrita Bengaluru Campus)

  • Rs. 2400/- (Comprehensive Fee, Including Food & Accommodation)
  • Rs. 1800/- (Workshop Participation only, Including Lunch)

International Participants

  • USD 100/- (Comprehensive Fee, Including Food & Accommodation)

All are welcome. Workshop participants will be awarded a certificate.


  • Last Date for Registration : July 28, 2019
  • Participants are required to first make the payment through our ACRD (Amrita Centre for Research and Development) portal.
  • Please note down your Reference no/ Transaction id / Payment id whichever is applicable after the payment.
  • On successful completion of online payment, fill the online registration form and submit. You will receive the registration confirmation mail within 2-3 days.

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2019-08-02 09:00 to 2019-08-04 17:00
Spiritual Studies