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The inaugural function was presided over by Dr. D. M. Vasudevan, the first Principal of the Amrita School of Medicine, who is a leading research personality and a living legend in the field of Medical Biochemistry. Vasudevan is a B. C. Roy Award Winner. He delivered the presidential address emphasizing need for developing the bonds between the alumni and the mutual benefits such bonds will bring in course of time to both the Alumni as well as to the organisation. Dr. Prathapan Nair, another former Principal of the Amrita School of Medicine and Dr. (Col) Vishal Marwaha, the present Principal, also participated and gave lead to the meet. Dr. Prathapan Nair presented the idea of issuing a sort of identity card to all the Alumni which can ensure hassle free entry to the School of Medicine and hospital.

Past students who are now employed throughout the state of Kerala and a few from outside the state attended the meet. It was decided to increase the frequency of the meet and interaction. The general consensus was in favour of calling the next meeting with a still wider participation. Kum. Gayathri Kashyap, an MBBS intern, compered the function.

Dr. Manoj Prathapan, Alumni from 2003 batch, who subsequently earned his MS in Ophthalmology also from Amrita School of Medicine and did his Fellowship in the study of Glaucoma from Aravind Eye Hospital in Madurai, delivered the welcome speech.

In his speech, Dr. (Col) Vishal Marwaha brought out the advantages of maintaining good relations between the past and present students. He recalled his personal experiences in the defense services as well as in his school days to bring home the absolute need for maintaining personal bonds between the past students and the present generations.

Dr. Ganapathi Rao, one of the senior most professors of general medicine, who has since retired from the School, but is still actively associated with medical practice addressed the gathering. He recollected his memories as a medical teacher and his close relations with most of the students who are now very leading practitioners in and out of Amrita. His recalled names and pet names of many students which showed how deep his relations were with the students.

Dr. Ashika M. S., 2004 batch MBBS student, who subsequently earned her MD Biochemistry also from Amrita School of Medicine, shared her experience as a student with her colleagues.

Dr. Sumitra N. Unni, an MBBS student of 2004 batch, who also completed her MD Biochemistry from Amrita School of Medicine, proposed the vote of thanks.

High tea followed. The next hour was the time for the alumni to interact with their past class and school mates. They did not miss any moments to express their gratitude towards their Gurus!. Students from all the streams had many incidents and memories to recall. Some of them wanted to go back to their old departments to ruminate the golden moments of the past.

Every alumni was provided with a simple feedback form. Eighty-six forms were filled and returned. The vast majority of the past students were very happy. Some of them wanted more advance time to be given for planning leave for themselves and their families.

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