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गच्छन् पिपीलको याति योजनानां शतान्यपि।

अगच्छन् वैनतेयोपि पदमेकं न गच्छति॥

The sloka defines that, 
An ant covers hundreds of miles if it keeps moving.  
Garuda due to inaction does not move even a foot. 

Acquiring knowledge never delimits the one who yearns for it. But what if one is limited by time from committing to a long-term course. Is it valid enough to remain inactive like the eagle? 

Never it is!! Even an intellectual person cannot achieve without initiation, but an ordinary one can reach his goal through steady efforts. 

Here is an opportunity to embrace and imbibe the knowledge you longed for. 

Amrita School of Spiritual and Cultural Studies offers Ārṣadīpti, Micro-courses from Amrita on diverse topics from the rich unique tradition of Indian Philosophy and Culture for the inquisitive minds. So, let not the worry of your long-term commitment stop you from your passion.  

With us, take short steps like an ant’s efforts through Ārṣadīpti to cover the hundred miles of India’s rich diverse spiritual and cultural knowledge. 

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