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The Amrita Mind Brain Center is proud to announce its annual Brain Art Competition. This unique competition merges the worlds of neuroscience and art to create visually stunning and thought-provoking works that explore the complexities of the human brain and its functions.

The goal of this competition is to raise awareness about brain health and break the stigma surrounding brain disorders. We welcome participants of all ages and skill levels to submit their original artwork in three categories: pencil drawing, painting, and digital drawing. The theme of this year’s competition is My Brain, My World.

There is no registration fee for the competition, and participants are allowed to submit any number of entries per registration. However, all artwork must be original and free of offensive or insensitive content.

Winners for each category will be announced a few days after the competition ends. Prizes will be sent directly to the winners’ addresses.

Submission guidelines require that all entries be submitted via the submission link in the highest resolution, with a preferred vector (.eps) or raster format (.jpeg, .pdf, .png). The size of the artwork is limited to 11 inches x 16.5 inches, with a file size under 10 MB and 300 DPI resolution.

We encourage all interested participants to submit their entries and help us spread awareness about brain health. Together, we can break the stigma and create a brighter future for individuals affected by brain disorders.

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