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Dr. Nanditha Krishna is an Author, Environmentalist, Educationist and Historian who has published 23 books on Indian culture and the environment. She currently serves as the President of the C.P. Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation, Chennai & Honorary Director, CPR Environmental Education Centre. Dr. Nanditha ji addressed the topic “Our Food and Climate Change“. She explained how our food choices reshape the Ecosystem and cause climate change; why does the Ecosystem need Restoration?

Several pertinent problems like how we destroy rainforests, degradation of topsoil by dumping chemical pesticides, terrible impact of livestock farming on the environment and emerging diseases like zoonotic, especially the current detrimental situation of the covid pandemic, which originated from Wuhan’s Wet Market were also discussed . Plenty more examples lighted up on how our Ecosystem has been injured and the chance to restore if we make the right choices. Dr. Nanditha mentioned that we Indians, inherently know how to conserve nature and have a long tradition of preserving it. She also stressed that, “Nature can restore herself if we leave her, the beautiful trees and the happy animals alone”.

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