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Applying the DeCoRe+ methodology to embed sustainability in course curricula


Dr Vassilios Makrakis obtained his PhD in International Education (with specialization on Computers in Education) from Stockholm University, Sweden. He is a Professor of ICT in Education with particular reference to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) at the Department of Primary Education, University of Crete. He holds a UNESCO Chair in the field of ICT in ESD. Since 2012 Dr Makrakis is employed at Frederick University as Collaborating Academic Staff, undertaking Master level courses in the field of Sustainable Development.


This talk will explore the ways in which a participatory curriculum planning model entitled DeCoRe+ plus can help to address the embedding of sustainability issues and SDGs across curricula at all education levels. DeCoRe + is the abbreviation of Deconstruction-Construction-Reconstruction that forms the core constructs supplemented by the processes of Diagnostic Evaluation, Implementation and Summative Evaluation. The theoretical underpinning of the DeCoRe+ methodological approach derives from critical social theory, critical pedagogy and transformative conceptions of teaching, learning and curriculum. DeCoRe+ has been used by thousands of students and teachers globally.

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