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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & Robotics certification program gives a brief idea to students how to use advanced Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering to create systems and machines capable of solving problems that normally require natural intelligence. Future graduates develop their coding, critical thinking and analysis skills.

Module-1: Fundamentals of AI
  • Introduction to AI & ML
  • Benefits of AI
  • Difference between AI and ML
  • Big data and data science
  • Applications of big data and data science
Module -2: Robotics: Fundamentals & Applications
  • Introduction to robotics technology
  • Types of robots
  • Key components of robots
  • Robotics applications
Module -3: Applications of AI
  • AI applications in different industries
  • AI in Electric vehicles
  • Future scope of AI in India

Program Schedule


Day 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies

  • What is artificial intelligence & machine learning
  • What are the benefits of artificial intelligence
  • What is the difference between AI and ML
Day 2: Robotics and its applications

  • What is robotics
  • What are the different types of robots
  • How do robots’ function
  • What are the main components of a robot
  • Applications of robotics
Day 3: Big data & Data science

  • What is big data & data science
  • How big data and AI work together
  • How does big data influence AI
  • Applications of big data and data science
Day 4: Python for AI & ML

  • Is python is enough for machine learning
  • Why python for AI
  • How python is used for different applications
  • How different sectors are using python
Day 5: Applications of AI

  • AI applications in different Industries
  • The role of artificial intelligence in the mass adoption of electric vehicle
  • Future scope of artificial intelligence in India
  • Recent trends and innovations in AI based applications


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