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The event, organized for the 2019 CSE A and B batch, started with a prayer by Ms. Amrutha, CSE B at 2.00 PM on Microsoft Teams with an audience of 94. Mr. Vishal from CSE A invited the Principal Dr. Shankar for the Presidential address and then with a short bio of Guest, the session was handed over to Mr. Arun Balakrishnan.

The session covered his journey from graduation to becoming a data scientist. It covered the challenges, areas, skill sets required, platforms, tools, programming languages and opportunities available for students. A whole new set of approaches and opportunities he opened for the audience by showing open websites available, contests, books, videos and skills they have to grab for becoming a successful data scientist. He explained how strong background in data structures and mathematics – statistics could help each one of us in this field. The examples given by the Gaming world motivated our students more. He showed the role of Physics and Mathematics in such successful gaming engines that exist nowadays. Mr. Arun’s explanation of the life of a data scientist was in a very simple and grasping way, grabbed our student’s attention. The session ended by listing interesting cases in the USA and India over the data analytics. He showed our students on career prospects of a data science job. After a 50-minute session on the topic, we headed for a discussion session between our students and guest.

Students Gladwin, Palaniappan, Jayanth, Abhishek, Dibyajyothi Mishra asked questions relevant to data science, its relevance, role of statistics in this field, opportunities available, interviewer expectations and areas to expertise for being a successful data scientist. The session concluded by Vote of Thanks from Dr. Sreedevi representing the department and Mr. Vishal representing the students. The department received positive feedback from students showing the liveliness of the session, its relevance, and opportunities for them. The session ended by 3:30 pm after the vote of thanks.

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