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The Department of Civil Engineering had a very productive and dynamic interaction with the specialist and the following goals were achieved:

  • The academic proficiency of Professor was utilized by arranging a 3 credit elective course for Undergraduate students. The two week intensive course on “Prestressed Concrete for Building and Infrastructure Applications – Analyses, Design and Construction” was also attended by Post-graduate students and faculty. The students were exposed to the fundamentals of analyses, structural design aspects as well the implementation features of this technology in the real-world situations, i.e a combination of theory and practical aspects.
  • The research scholars and faculty were benefited by the faculty development lecturers on “Experimental Mechanics” which highlighted the recent trend in Instrumentation in Civil Engineering field. His expertise and lucid way of dissemination of knowledge with regard to experimental mechanics and field instrumentation & monitoring of structures were well appreciated by faculty and students across other engineering disciplines like Bio-medical engineering.
  • A international seminar on “Precast Prestressed Concrete for Infrastructure Applications- Opportunities and Challenges in the Indian Context” was organised during December 20-21, 2018 under the guidance of Professor. The expertise of the Professor was effectively utilized to disseminate the information on the technology of precast prestressed concrete through lectures both for academia as well as for practicing engineers. Through this international seminar, the Department could able to bring together nearly 200 delegates from a wide cross-section like Practicing engineers, Structural consultants, Architects, Administrators of Govt. departments, Precast concrete manufacturers, and from academia on a common platform. A better industry interaction was achieved as an outcome of this seminar. Follow up actions were also planned to make this technology more popular with construction industry which will enhance the growth of infrastructure development in the country.
  • Avenues are being explored for upgrading materials/structural research labs at Coimbatore campus through sponsored research projects and University – Industry Partnership. A research proposal to Industry aiming to enhance the laboratory facilities of the Department was formulated.
  • Specialist’s suggestions on the need for strategic planning for the growth of the department were well received by the Institution management and faculty.
  • The Specialist could also influence the research ambiance in the Department in terms of framing a research proposal and frequent interaction and motivation to young faculty. The students were benefited by getting a glimpse on the various higher studies opportunities in US and the way they have to move forward to secure admission in reputed universities.

Future Plans:

  • Prof. Gopalaratnam has now been nominated as an Adjunct Professor at Amrita. Through this status he is now the co-adviser to research scholars this would enhance the research collaborations in terms of joint publications and proposals.
  • To organize short online courses for the students, research scholars and faculty with the support of Professor.
  • Continued association for improvement of the existing undergraduate and post-graduate curriculum.
  • Exploring the opportunity for working together towards student and faculty exchange programmes with University of Missouri and other universities in USA.
  • Development of interdisciplinary collaboration works and facilitates in establishing link with some of the premier institutions in US with the support of the specialist.
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