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Event Details

Objective of Event: To introduce various evolution phases of Java from primitive phase to present handheld era.
Schedule: 16/01/2021
Number of participants: 191
Coordinator: Mr. Rohith V and Ms. Chithra V S
Summary of the Event:
Department of Computer Science has organized a webinar on Hands-on session on Java Programming: Industry Perspective for the UG & PG students of Computer Science department. The main aim of this is to make participants aware of Java Programming with an industry oriented perspective to increase employability skill.
Mr. Karthik S, Chief Engineer, Samsung Electro Mechanics, Bengaluru was the resource person for the webinar. The resource person was formally introduced to audience by Mrs. Chitra V. S. The webinar began by introducing industrial scope of Java. The webinar progressed to introduction of various evolution phases of Java from primitive phase to present handheld era where various present day development environments where introduced. The android device market share and projected share highlights the importance of the topic in present day industry. Spring framework was introduced with its merits and applications to participants that helped them discover a new path to Java Programming. Various desktop development frameworks were discussed in this session considering advantages and uses of each one of them like JGoodies, JavaFX, etc. Android ecosystem and various developments in Android during 2020 were discussed with a focus on predicted developments and outcome in 2021 and the coming decade. The session was open for questionnaires from participants throughout the session and concluded with an interactive doubt clearance session.
Finally, the session concluded with inputs from resource person highlighting the need of certification. The session was very interactive and it was very useful to the participants. There were 191 participants including 2 external candidates.
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Outcome: Students learned the importance of Java in the IT and how it will help to get the jobs in IT.

Resource Person

Hands-on Session on Java Programming: Industry Perspective
Mr. Karthik S

Chief Engineer, Samsung Electro Mechanics, Bengaluru.

Participant list
1 Aadith Raj K Vp [MY.SC.U3BCA19124] ASAS,Mysuru
2 Aadithya N S [MY.SC.U3BCA19061] ASAS,Mysuru
3 Aastha Sharma [MY.SC.U3BCA19096] ASAS,Mysuru
4 Abhishek Sha T S [MY.SC.U3BCA19085] ASAS,Mysuru
5 Adwitiya Mukhopadhyay Chairperson ASAS,Mysuru
6 Afnan Siddiq [MY.SC.U3BCA19073] ASAS,Mysuru
7 Anmol [MY.SC.I5MCA18040] ASAS,Mysuru
8 Arpitha N L [MY.SC.U3BCA19134] ASAS,Mysuru
9 Athira A [MY.SC.U3BCA19037] ASAS,Mysuru
10 Charithya M J [MY.SC.U3BCA19109] ASAS,Mysuru
11 Chethan H N [MY.SC.U3BCA19064] ASAS,Mysuru
12 Chithra VS
13 Darshan K [MY.SC.U3BCA19078] ASAS,Mysuru
14 Deeksha S [MY.SC.U3BCA19015] ASAS,Mysuru
15 Deepthi V Shastry [MY.SC.U3BCA19127] ASAS,Mysuru
16 Dheeraj H R [MY.SC.U3BCA19088] ASAS,Mysuru
17 Geethanjali B P [MY.SC.U3BCA19102] ASAS,Mysuru
18 H S Gowri Yaamini [MY.SC.U3BCA19092] ASAS,Mysuru
19 Harshith M Gowda [MY.SC.U3BCA19132] ASAS,Mysuru
20 Harshitha H R [MY.SC.U3BCA19028] ASAS,Mysuru
21 Harshitha K P [MY.SC.U3BCA19100] ASAS,Mysuru
22 Jacob James [MY.SC.U3BCA19041] ASAS,Mysuru
23 Kanchana V ASAS,Mysuru
24 Karthik (Guest) ASAS,Mysuru
25 Kedar M [MY.SC.U3BCA19035] ASAS,Mysuru
26 Lakshmi J C [MY.SC.U3BCA19105] ASAS,Mysuru
27 Laya JS [MY.SC.U3BCA19120] ASAS,Mysuru
28 Likith B [MY.SC.U3BCA19133] ASAS,Mysuru
29 Manishankar S ASAS,Mysuru
30 Manohar N ASAS,Mysuru
31 Meghana Krishna N R [MY.SC.U3BCA19130] ASAS,Mysuru
32 Mohan Kumar R [MY.SC.U3BCA19110] ASAS,Mysuru
33 Akash K H MY.SC.I5MCA17007 ASAS,Mysuru
34 Vismaya R N MY.SC.I5MCA17008 ASAS,Mysuru
35 Aiswarya K MY.SC.I5MCA17018 ASAS,Mysuru
36 Nachappa C H MY.SC.I5MCA17026 ASAS,Mysuru
37 Rekha MY.SC.I5MCA17028 ASAS,Mysuru
38 Jhansy T N MY.SC.I5MCA17029 ASAS,Mysuru
39 Isiri K K MY.SC.I5MCA17030 ASAS,Mysuru
40 Sanketh Gowda V S MY.SC.I5MCA17034 ASAS,Mysuru
41 Alfina Sunny MY.SC.I5MCA17040 ASAS,Mysuru
42 Lakshmi P MY.SC.I5MCA17042 ASAS,Mysuru
43 Karthik Gowda K R MY.SC.I5MCA17044 ASAS,Mysuru
44 Sujan R MY.SC.I5MCA17048 ASAS,Mysuru
45 Ruthvik M R MY.SC.I5MCA17049 ASAS,Mysuru
46 Hrishikesh K MY.SC.I5MCA17054 ASAS,Mysuru
47 Lavyashree K MY.SC.I5MCA17059 ASAS,Mysuru
48 Nimishamba R MY.SC.I5MCA17062 ASAS,Mysuru
49 Vinay Prasad S MY.SC.I5MCA17063 ASAS,Mysuru
50 Vasavi H N MY.SC.I5MCA17067 ASAS,Mysuru
51 Vibha Harish MY.SC.I5MCA18003 ASAS,Mysuru
52 Keshav Shesha Sai MY.SC.I5MCA18004 ASAS,Mysuru
53 Devaiah D M MY.SC.I5MCA18005 ASAS,Mysuru
54 Padmaja Preksha D MY.SC.I5MCA18007 ASAS,Mysuru
55 Manasi Athreya N MY.SC.I5MCA18008 ASAS,Mysuru
56 Pranav Sai Pradeep MY.SC.I5MCA18009 ASAS,Mysuru
57 Vismaya A V MY.SC.I5MCA18011 ASAS,Mysuru
58 Hariprasad N MY.SC.I5MCA18012 ASAS,Mysuru
59 Pooja R MY.SC.I5MCA18023 ASAS,Mysuru
60 Drishya Dechakka K K MY.SC.I5MCA18029 ASAS,Mysuru
61 Yathish Padukote H S MY.SC.I5MCA18032 ASAS,Mysuru
62 Navneet Kumar Singh MY.SC.I5MCA18033 ASAS,Mysuru
63 J M Maheswar MY.SC.I5MCA18034 ASAS,Mysuru
64 Rahul C MY.SC.I5MCA18036 ASAS,Mysuru
65 Preetham R MY.SC.I5MCA18037 ASAS,Mysuru
66 Srinag R MY.SC.I5MCA18043 ASAS,Mysuru
67 Arjun C S MY.SC.I5MCA18045 ASAS,Mysuru
68 Shrunga D MY.SC.I5MCA18048 ASAS,Mysuru
69 Apeksha Rao MY.SC.I5MCA18049 ASAS,Mysuru
70 Nanda Kumar S MY.SC.I5MCA18050 ASAS,Mysuru
71 Shashank M J MY.SC.I5MCA18054 ASAS,Mysuru
72 Varun Pratap Singh MY.SC.I5MCA18055 ASAS,Mysuru
73 Harshitha K M MY.SC.I5MCA18057 ASAS,Mysuru
74 Sharath Kumar H MY.SC.I5MCA18060 ASAS,Mysuru
75 Surabhi R MY.SC.I5MCA18062 ASAS,Mysuru
76 Yashwanth M V MY.SC.I5MCA18064 ASAS,Mysuru
77 Suraksha S Rai MY.SC.I5MCA19001 ASAS,Mysuru
78 Supreeth N M MY.SC.I5MCA19003 ASAS,Mysuru
79 Gautam Suresh MY.SC.I5MCA19008 ASAS,Mysuru
80 Tejas P Kulkarni MY.SC.I5MCA19011 ASAS,Mysuru
81 Vinay Kumar R MY.SC.I5MCA19013 ASAS,Mysuru
82 Pavan Dutt M MY.SC.I5MCA19014 ASAS,Mysuru
83 Shreeharsha S MY.SC.I5MCA19017 ASAS,Mysuru
84 Sanjeev Kumar S MY.SC.I5MCA19023 ASAS,Mysuru
85 Archana C MY.SC.I5MCA19025 ASAS,Mysuru
86 Aswin Surendran P MY.SC.I5MCA19027 ASAS,Mysuru
87 Achaiah K K MY.SC.I5MCA19032 ASAS,Mysuru
88 Niranjan M MY.SC.I5MCA19042 ASAS,Mysuru
89 Spoorthi C MY.SC.I5MCA19045 ASAS,Mysuru
90 Adithya G Nath MY.SC.I5MCA19050 ASAS,Mysuru
91 Manoj K S MY.SC.I5MCA19054 ASAS,Mysuru
92 Monisha B L MY.SC.P2MCA20001 ASAS,Mysuru
93 Anushree T B MY.SC.P2MCA20002 ASAS,Mysuru
94 Vishnu K Raman MY.SC.P2MCA20003 ASAS,Mysuru
95 Jhanavi V MY.SC.P2MCA20004 ASAS,Mysuru
96 Vishnu N K MY.SC.P2MCA20005 ASAS,Mysuru
97 Aswin Kumar K MY.SC.P2MCA20006 ASAS,Mysuru
98 Vidyashree C MY.SC.P2MCA20007 ASAS,Mysuru
99 Sadris Jain B V MY.SC.P2MCA20009 ASAS,Mysuru
100 Shabareesh Hegde S R MY.SC.P2MCA20010 ASAS,Mysuru
101 Chandan MY.SC.P2MCA20012 ASAS,Mysuru
102 Saniya M S MY.SC.P2MCA20013 ASAS,Mysuru
103 Rithik Lal P MY.SC.P2MCA20014 ASAS,Mysuru
104 Rameez Rauf K MY.SC.P2MCA20018 ASAS,Mysuru
105 Sachin Kumar MY.SC.P2MCA20019 ASAS,Mysuru
106 Anupam Shukla MY.SC.P2MCA20020 ASAS,Mysuru
107 Sharan M R MY.SC.P2MCA20021 ASAS,Mysuru
108 Anagh Anil A MY.SC.P2MCA20022 ASAS,Mysuru
109 Brunda I B MY.SC.P2MCA20024 ASAS,Mysuru
110 Anusha D MY.SC.P2MCA20025 ASAS,Mysuru
111 Aparna P Jayan MY.SC.P2MCA20029 ASAS,Mysuru
112 Sarath B MY.SC.P2MCA20030 ASAS,Mysuru
113 Raksha M MY.SC.P2MCA20031 ASAS,Mysuru
114 Abhiram A MY.SC.P2MCA20032 ASAS,Mysuru
115 Venkatesh K MY.SC.P2MCA20033 ASAS,Mysuru
116 Anusha J MY.SC.P2MCA20034 ASAS,Mysuru
117 Tushaar T H MY.SC.P2MCA20036 ASAS,Mysuru
118 Shashank B MY.SC.P2MCA20037 ASAS,Mysuru
119 Shwetha B MY.SC.P2MCA20038 ASAS,Mysuru
120 M T Shravan MY.SC.P2MCA20039 ASAS,Mysuru
121 Inchana H J MY.SC.P2MCA20040 ASAS,Mysuru
122 Shalini P MY.SC.P2MCA20041 ASAS,Mysuru
123 Manoj Sham H MY.SC.P2MCA20044 ASAS,Mysuru
124 Anusha M U MY.SC.P2MCA20046 ASAS,Mysuru
125 Nandakumar R MY.SC.P2MCA20047 ASAS,Mysuru
126 B Harsha MY.SC.P2MCA20049 ASAS,Mysuru
127 Prajwal Yadav B R MY.SC.P2MCA20050 ASAS,Mysuru
128 Vishnu Prasad P MY.SC.P2MCA20051 ASAS,Mysuru
129 Varshini M MY.SC.P2MCA20052 ASAS,Mysuru
130 Sneha MY.SC.P2MCA20055 ASAS,Mysuru
131 Poornima R MY.SC.P2MCA20056 ASAS,Mysuru
132 Rachitha H N MY.SC.P2MCA20058 ASAS,Mysuru
133 Aswin Arvind MY.SC.P2MCA20059 ASAS,Mysuru
134 Deeksha M a MY.SC.P2MCA20060 ASAS,Mysuru
135 Nisarga P MY.SC.P2MCA20061 ASAS,Mysuru
136 Vaibhavi A R MY.SC.P2MCA20063 ASAS,Mysuru
137 Divyashree M MY.SC.P2MCA20066 ASAS,Mysuru
138 Shashidhara B S MY.SC.P2MCA20067 ASAS,Mysuru
139 Sushmitha M MY.SC.P2MCA20068 ASAS,Mysuru
139 Shreeharsha Gopalkrishna Bhat MY.SC.P2MCA20069 ASAS,Mysuru
141 Kruthi B MY.SC.P3MCA19002 ASAS,Mysuru
142 Aparna S Valsan MY.SC.P3MCA19003 ASAS,Mysuru
143 Harshitha S MY.SC.P3MCA19004 ASAS,Mysuru
144 Annapoorna M S MY.SC.P3MCA19006 ASAS,Mysuru
145 Damini M V MY.SC.P3MCA19010 ASAS,Mysuru
146 Karthik M MY.SC.U3BCA18007 ASAS,Mysuru
147 C P Roshni MY.SC.U3BCA18019 ASAS,Mysuru
148 Jayadeva D MY.SC.U3BCA18024
149 Santhosh Kumar M S MY.SC.U3BCA18049 ASAS,Mysuru
150 Amith Kumar H L MY.SC.U3BCA18061 ASAS,Mysuru
151 Arshitha S A MY.SC.U3BCA18065 ASAS,Mysuru
152 Sahana G S MY.SC.U3BCA18085 ASAS,Mysuru
153 Y Swetha MY.SC.U3BCA18091 ASAS,Mysuru
154 Nair Amarnath Venugopal MY.SC.U3BCA18094 ASAS,Mysuru
155 Kavya Bijith P MY.SC.U3BCA18101 ASAS,Mysuru
156 Kirankumar B S MY.SC.U3BCA18106 ASAS,Mysuru
157 Prerana M S MY.SC.U3BCA18122 ASAS,Mysuru
158 Jeevan B MY.SC.U3BCA18124 ASAS,Mysuru
159 Swathi K J MY.SC.U3BCA19001 ASAS,Mysuru
160 Manoj N MY.SC.U3BCA19002 ASAS,Mysuru
161 Manoj V MY.SC.U3BCA19009 ASAS,Mysuru
162 Neha K M [MY.SC.U3BCA19103] ASAS,Mysuru
163 Nikhil B R [MY.SC.U3BCA19081] ASAS,Mysuru
164 Nilsha Sadanandan [MY.SC.U3BCA19060] ASAS,Mysuru
165 Pruthvik B Y [MY.SC.U3BCA19082] ASAS,Mysuru
166 Raghavan H K [MY.SC.U3BCA19032] ASAS,Mysuru
167 Rakesh S [MY.SC.U3BCA19113] ASAS,Mysuru
168 Rakshith L S [MY.SC.U3BCA19114] ASAS,Mysuru
169 Rohith V ASAS,Mysuru
170 S.Nisha [MY.SC.U3BCA19070] ASAS,Mysuru
171 Sachin C [MY.SC.U3BCA19089] ASAS,Mysuru
172 Sahana S Bhushan [MY.SC.U3BCA19059] ASAS,Mysuru
173 Santhosh Anand (CSE ASAS,Mysuru
174 Satvik Bhat [MY.SC.U3BCA19071] ASAS,Mysuru
175 Shamith Aryan H N [MY.SC.U3BCA19053 ASAS,Mysuru
176 Shashank N R [MY.SC.U3BCA19074] ASAS,Mysuru
177 Shashikumar B [MY.SC.U3BCA19138] ASAS,Mysuru
178 Shivaraj M [MY.SC.U3BCA19066 ASAS,Mysuru
179 Shravya R [MY.SC.U3BCA19055 ASAS,Mysuru
180 Shresta C L [MY.SC.U3BCA19067 ASAS,Mysuru
181 Shreya B S [MY.SC.U3BCA19086 ASAS,Mysuru
182 Shreya Neroth [MY.SC.U3BCA19057] ASAS,Mysuru
183 Shwetha S        CIT Gubbi
184 Sinchana M [MY.SC.U3BCA19108] ASAS,Mysuru
185 Sindhu H R [MY.SC.U3BCA19047] ASAS,Mysuru
186 Vaishak S Pai [MY.SC.U3BCA19029] ASAS,Mysuru
187 Varun C [MY.SC.U3BCA19121] ASAS,Mysuru
188 Vidya K [MY.SC.U3BCA19119] ASAS,Mysuru
189 Visakh P U [MY.SC.U3BCA19101 ASAS,Mysuru
190 Vyshnavi N B [MY.SC.U3BCA19050] ASAS,Mysuru
191 Yashaswini B           VTU


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