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Dr. Muralikrishna, (HoD, CSE, NIT Calicut)

Many universities including premier Institute like IIT Palghat is using the material Muralikrishna developed over a period of 10 years.

In NIT Calicut, Dr Muralikrishna is well known for the innovations he brought in teaching OS and his rigorous mathematical treatment of the subjects like ‘Design and Analysis of Algorithms’ and ‘Coding Theory’.

“Faculty with ECE or EEE Background can also learn teach OS. Even the old generation Electrical Engineer like me who know only internals of Disk Operating system. I still remember the concept like Interrupt service Routines (ISR) and Terminate and Stay Resident programs(TSR) which I wrote in X86 Assembly Language,” Dr. Muralikrishna stated.


Any faculty interested in Ettimadai campus may call at CEN office for registration.

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