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Sushama Nagarkar

Sushama Nagarkar has her Doctorate in Special Education from the University of Missouri and is a nationally certified school psychologist in the US. In 2013, Sushama and her daughter returned to India after spending 15 years in the US where she worked as a psychologist in public schools. In 2014, she set up Yash Charitable Trust, an NGO with the vision that persons with developmental disabilities will live and work in the community of their choice with dignity and self-respect. She works in an honorary capacity as the Managing Trustee.

Besides this, Sushama has been a registered Rehabilitation Psychologist (RCI) and currently works as a technical consultant on a part-time basis with the Morris Foundation, Pune. Sushama has also worked with other educational entities such as the Gateway School, in Mumbai; and the Bubbles Centre for Autism in Bangalore. Sushama is a resource person for the Forum for Autism. She travels to conduct workshops and training activities. She also consults with and does counseling for families of persons with disabilities. Sushama additionally has taught graduate and undergraduate-level classes for U.S. universities in an online format. Being that she is a parent of an adult with autism, Sushama brings to her work a rather unique perspective of walking the walk and not just talking the talk. Sushama considers herself a lifelong student of Yoga. Other interests include reading, trekking and the outdoors.

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