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Dr. Mirja Michalscheck holds a Master degree in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) from Germany and Jordan as well as a PhD in agricultural systems research from Wageningen University. She works as a consultant on sustainable natural resources management with a focus on water and land resources. The regional focus of her work is on Africa and the Middle East. She also works a systemic coach at the universities of Basel and Freiburg to promote a more sustainable use of personal resources.


Water governance determines the use and management of our water resources. But how do decisions on water resource use come about? And what are success factors for community-based watershed management?
In this short key note speech, Dr. Michalscheck presents the main insights from her own work and the work of her international colleagues in the water and agricultural sector on sustainable natural resource management. Everyone has a role to play in successful water governance and you are invited to be part of it.

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