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It is very well understood that students in their final trimester have to gear up to work with companies and build up a sense of team spirit. Kalakruthi binds it all on a single platform where students use their lateral thinking for participating and winning events. Students also develop strong leadership ability of managing large number of fellow student’s activities, which proves much helpful when they have to work in diverse teams of different cultural backgrounds at their work place. Kalakruthi’19 also had multiple literary events for e.g. Story Booth was conducted to narrate the summary of Books in the form of storytelling, Blog writing, Spelling Bee etc.

Kalakruthi 2019 has witnessed 49 events in 7 days (from 20th February 2019 to 27th February ) and the grand finale included award recognition by Prize distribution and certificates to students by Team Kalakruthi’19 and from ASB, the scores for the all the events were published on Kalakruthi website on a timely basis. The grand event commenced with a prayer followed by a token of inspiration by our dear faculty members. The Digital events showcased Shorts Films, Advertisement creation and creative videos from our students, winners for which were declared followed by cultural events that themed on current globally impacted events. The event ended with category wise prize distribution, declaration of Mr & Ms Kalakruthi and a great spirit from students where First years and Second years united to make Kalakruthi’19 a memory to cherish throughout their life. This event has been brewing friendships since many years and have been one of the reason for ASB to have its unique nature of staying connected with its Alumni as they often look back to this day to remember the last few priceless days of their college life.

Highlights of Kalakruthi’19

All the events conducted were evaluated by Judges from Amrita and faculty members of Amrita School of Business.

  1. Street play: Students performed to honour our great soldiers at the Indian border and enacted to send a message of world peace.
  2. Story Booth: An event conducted for 3 hours for the veracious readers of books that needed students to read books of their choice and narrate the summary in the form of Storytelling.
  3. Spelling Bee: The event took place for 2 days with complexity of spellings ranging from Medium to Very Difficult.
  4. On Spot Singing: Students had to sing the choice of the judge in various forms.
  5. Cricket for girls: This event witnessed the first of its kind in ASB where girls in large numbers turned up to participate.
  6. Wealth from waste: Students used the recycled materials to create an innovative product.
  7. Poetry Writing: Students were evaluated for the art of writing poetry.
  8. Screenplay writing: Students wrote scripts based on the theme given on spot.
  9. Street Art: Students formed teams to come together to collectively create amazing art form forms.
  10. Best Manager: Students underwent a series of scenarios that prove them to become future managers.
  11. Creative Ad Making and Short Film making: Students created videos in ASB based on scripts with creative elements.

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