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Leadership Retreat – 2022

The Leadership Retreat, spread over 2 days, set in the lush green campus at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham campus, facilitates participants look at the bigger picture, understand each other and identify each other’s strengths as each other’s resource to jointly transition through to the future.

What’s in Store for You

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A Blended Learning Workshop

A workshop is an event where participants will learn some of the concepts and skills associated with the professional practices and self-leadership. The workshops will be a blend of:

  • Experiential Learning,
  • Class Room Sessions,
  • Role Plays,
  • Review Of Action Learning Simulations
  • Psychometric Instruments
  • Self-Reflection
  • Feedback And Disclosure
  • Invisioning (AI Based Tool For Personal Vision)
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What you will Learn

The Leadership Retreat would focus on Infusion of a sense of ownership and collaboration across Senior Leaders by emphasizing on SOAR a component of AI concept:

This ensures both deeper learning and its translation into practice, with a deeper comprehension of the past & the present and its channelization towards achieving the envisioned future. During the workshop, the participants collectively

  • unearth the past and recollect episodes of resilience
  • discover the life-giving energies through appreciative dialogue
  • take stock of limiting factors/beliefs and
  • channelize the discovered energies towards convergence
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Experiential Learning

This is based on the following two important principles:

I hear & I forgetI see & I rememberI do and I understand

You can know a person more in an hours play  than in a years conversation

Having developed the model over many years prior, David Kolb published his learning styles model in 1984. In his publications – notably his 1984 book ‘Experiential Learning: Experience As The Source Of Learning And Development’ Kolb acknowledges the early work on experiential learning by others in the 1900’s, including Rogers, Jung, and Piaget. In turn, Kolb’s learning styles model and experiential learning theory are today acknowledged by academics, teachers, managers and trainers as truly seminal works; fundamental concepts towards our understanding and explaining human learning behavior, and towards helping others to learn.

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