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Ms. Gabriella Wright is a well known English-French actress, activist, writer, and Director of Never Alone Movement. Her recent projects are very diverse from action-driven films such as “The Transporter Refuelled” and “Security” alongside Sit Ben Kingsley to Indie dramas ‘The Alcoholist’, ‘The Perfect Husband’ and political documentaries such as ‘Oxi, an act of resistance’ directed by Ken Mcmullen.

Gabriella is an ambassador to charities Tibet Save and Care, providing means to allow education through the building of schools in Nepal and northern India. She is an honorary President to PASDB, a charity dedicated to bringing long-standing aid, such as food, clean water for women and children as well as micro in slums of Yangon, Burma. She is also the Board of Advisor and Ambassador of the Better World Forum, a forum dedicated to bringing awareness to women’s rights and children’s rights through feature documentaries that are selected all year long from around the world. Gabriella also recently performed and lent her voice in UN Women and the Gala of the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women in London.

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