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Curiosity of Robots and Children

For the researchers of AMMACHI Labs and CWEGE (Center for Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality) to be exposed to the high caliber of research and work that Goren Gordon has done, and to gain insights into the research process through his experiences. Additionally, any potential collaboration that comes out of these interactions is welcomed.

No. of Participants: 28

Biography of Speaker

Goren Gordon PhD, PhD MBA. Goren has six academic degrees, a BA, MSc and PhD in Quantum Physics, a BMSc, MBA and another PhD in Neurobiology. He did his postdoc in MIT Media Lab’s Personal Robots Group. Goren is the head of the Curiosity Lab in Tel-Aviv University. He studies mathematical models of curiosity, implementing them in curious social robots and using them to assess and promote curiosity in children. Goren also developed Quantum Computer Games, has a teaching certificate from MIT and loves to dance and play role-playing and board games.

About the Talk

The talk is about On Curiosity of Robots and Children and what they are trying to understand is about the children and then formalize what’s happening in their brain in mathematical equations and then putting into robots and trying to recreate it. And they are using robots to actually test the computational models on how children behave and a lot of robots behaving in very cool ways but it actually compares those behaviours to what children do to better understand children.


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