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Event Details

Objective of Event: Giving information on requirements for become a successful data scientist in the industry.
Schedule: 26/06/2021
Number of participants: 150
Summary of the event:
Webinar on: “Skills and Prerequisites to become a Data Scientist” was organized by department of computer science; Amrita school of arts and sciences, Mysuru campus open for all UG students was conducted on 26th June, 2021. The webinar witnessed participants from various courses over 150 participants were benefitted from it.
Ms. Ranjitha P started off with the session by welcoming the guest; the speaker presented the insights to the field of data science. Requirements to become a successful data scientist in the industry, it was covered in depths. Applications of Data Science, Skills required for Data Science and Technologies used today in the industry were explained at the project level these are very useful for participants. Overall, it was a very successful event.
The session continued with question-and-answers from participants to resource person, the resource person encouraged for e-learning and suggested some avenues for gaining knowledge. Ms. Ranjitha P thanked the resource person and the session concluded.

Outcome: Students understood the concepts of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and scope in this field.

Resource Person

Webinar on Skills & Prerequisites to Become a Data Scientist
Dr. Mahamad Suhil

Technical Manager AI, Standard Chartered, GBS, Bengaluru

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