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Gudipaadu Cheruvu, Guntur Dist, Andhra Pradesh

The village is blessed with a beautiful lake which is a catchment area where water inflow comes from surrounding hills. In fact it is surprising to note that the village is blessed with a natural lake but is shortlisted as a one facing water shortage. The village is facing water shortage and it may continue to face if the present scenario of water management continues.

Important concept for abundant water supply to entire region in the future

With proper engineering approach, this lake can be transformed into an earth dam which can cater the water requirements of all surrounding villages. This is a beautiful catchment area where there is water inflow from three sides and the lake gets filled during rainy season, Instead of storing the water, the lake water is allowed to flow through the spillway (which is only two foot height). The embankment (mud bund) of the lake needs to be strengthened (stabilized) and heightened which will facilitate the storage of water. Thus water availability in summer also can be ensured and the water can be diverted to all required areas catering to all household and agricultural requirements (for two crops per year). Just behind the village there is a canal flowing where already an old structure of check dam exists. Construction of a check dam at that location will facilitate the storage of water and ground water recharge. This can be done only after consulting concerned officers and villagers.

It is recommended to consult Prof. T G Sitharam from Indian Institute of Science, world renowned Civil (Geotechnical Engineer) who has designed more than 30 earth dams across India for proper guidance in this direction (Ref: Dr. Sreevalsa). This being a high budget project to be undertaken by state Govt or Central Govt, it is recommended to schedule a visit of Prof Subba Rao, Chairperson Dept of Chemical Engg Amrita School of Engg, Prof T G Sitharam, Dept of Civil Engg, IISc, Dr. Sivasena Reddy (Water resource Engg), and Dr. Sreevalsa (Geotechnical Engg) from Dept of Civil Engg, ASE, to carry out a reconnaissance survey and feasibility assessment.

Present Status of Water Management in the Village

Water level is going down every year. There are approximately 60 borewells functioning in and around the village because of which ground water is getting depleted. This lake near the village gets dried up completely by the month of February. There are 5 borewells and 3 handpumps in the village out of which only three are able to supply water. In summer there is scarcity of water in these functioning borewells as well. The motor is switched on pumping the water from borewells and supplied to each street. With taps connected to the pipe line, the water is collected by people. Most of the time the water gets wasted as there is no mechanism to regulate the water supply/collection. This way of pumping the water directly from borewell is extreme exploitation of water which will deplete the ground water level enormously.

Team Members

Team from Amrita, Coimbatore:

HYD mutt representatives

People interacted:

  • Mr. Balaji, Kandlakunta panchayat President
  • Mr. Satyanarayan garu MPDO
  • Mr. Makat Lal, Panchayath Secretary
  • Mr. Malluswamy President, VTDA
  • Mr. Chinna Malluswamy, villager
  • Mr. Nageshwar Rao, Village coordinator
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