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Research Seminar on Service Level Based Tariff and Consensus for Social Welfare Optimisation in Renewable Energy Microgrids

The Center for Economic Fragility and Governance (CEFg), Department of Management, Amritapuri (Kollam), is organizing a research seminar on the topic Service Level Based Tariff and Consensus for Social Welfare Optimisation  in  Renewable Energy Microgrids on June 1, 2016 (Saturday) in Bhajan Hall, M A Math, Amritapuri at 8.30 PM.


To present a work plan for the design of a light weight service level-based tariff for microgrids powered in majority with renewable energy sources. The objective is to maximize social welfare in communities powered through microgrid using an Adaptive Quality of Service in Electricity (QoSE), based on Residents’ Economical Status. The policy aim of this research is to identify factors  that may stimulate the private sector in investing in renewable-based microgrids to electrify villages. The team find that the lack of reasonable perspective for profits and the high risk of financial losses due to customers not paying their bills have discouraged many energy companies to venture in the rural microgrid sector. By offering different quality of services based on the residents’ ability to pay, it is possible to lower the risk of drop outs.

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