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The Rise of Electric Vehicles- Will the Smart Grid Survive: Certification Course

The smart grid is called one of the best utilization in the computer intelligence sector that also proves the ability for networking. There are many features that discriminate against the conventional electricity distribution system. After the invention of the smart grid electricity system, operation and maintenance have been drastically easy for companies. Although, each component of the smart grid is able to listen and talk that providing an efficient operation during the distribution of the electricity. Apart, it also plays a vital role in accomplishing automation purposes.

Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. Electric mobility has become an essential part of the energy transition and will imply significant changes for vehicle manufacturers, governments, companies and individuals.

A smart grid could also enable electric vehicles to serve as a source of ancillary power for the grid. For example, smart grid technology enables household solar collection to be stored in batteries and used to recharge a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. Another source of urgency for the smart grid is meeting goals for getting more “clean” cars and vehicles on the road. Electric vehicles largely eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from vehicle tail pipes.

Amrita vishwa vidyapeetham’s Electric vehicles and smart grid certification course is specially designed by our experienced team. This certification course will provide sufficient knowledge about Power generation using renewable energy, smart grid systems, electric vehicle and smart grid integration and future of EV’s in India, etc.


Amrita presents a certification course on the rise of electric vehicles – will thew smart grid survive. This program gives a brief idea to students how power is generated from renewable energy & its benefits, smart grid technologies, types of smart grid & its applications in different sectors, Electric vehicles & its future,

Module-1: Principles of Renewable energies.

  • Different sources of renewable energy
  • Power generation from renewable energy
  • Benefits of power generation from renewable energy
  • Application of Renewable energy resources in different sectors

Module -2: Smart Grid Systems

  • Introduction to smart grid
  • Types of smart grid
  • Working principle of smart grid
  • Applications of smart grid

Module -3: Electric Vehicles & Smart grid integration

  • Introduction to Electric vehicles
  • Working methodology of smart grid
  • Different types of EV’s
  • Benefits of EV’s
  • Electric vehicles and smart grid integration
  • Future of EV’s in India.


class 9th, 10th ,11th & 12th

Program Highlights

   Receive a Certificate of Completion from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

   Learn from eminent Amrita University faculty and renowned industry experts

   Experience high-impact learning with real-world case studies and gain actionable insights

   Learn about Electric vehicles & smart grid technology without any prior experience

   Learn via a hands-on capstone project and get practical exposure to EV Projects

Learning Outcomes
  • Knowledge about various power generation using renewable energy.
  • Develop a core understanding of Electric vehicles & Smrt grid applications across different sectors
  • Gain exposure to the latest techniques used to design different EVs
  • Explore the impact of these technologies on business outcomes across functions and domains
  • Gain hands-on learning in identifying, defining, designing, implementing & monitoring EV projects

Topics Covered

Day 1: Renewable energy power generation 
  • What is renewable energy  
  • What are the different sources of Renewable energy  
  • How electricity is generated from Renewable energy  
  • Benefits of Power generation from Renewable energy   
  • Applications of renewable energy resources in different sectors 
Day 2: Smart grid technology
  • What is smart grid & how does it work 
  • Comparison between smart grid & conventional system 
  • Importance of smart grid 
  • What are the technologies used in Smart Grid
  • Present scenario of Indian energy system  
  • Applications of smart grids 
Day 3: Electric Vehicle
  • What is an EV 
  • Different types of electric vehicles 
  • Benefits of Electric vehicles 
  • Present scenario of EVs in the world & India   
  • Future EVs  
Day 4: Electric vehicles & Smart grid integration
  • Electric vehicle grid integration
  • What is vehicle to grid technology
  • Do electric vehicles interact with the Smart Grid Infrastructure
  • Is a smart grid the future of car recharging


The Rise of Electric Vehicles- Will the Smart Grid Survive: Certification Course
Key Speaker
Nighil N.

Academic Mentor,
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham


Who can Participate?

Students from class 9th to 12th

When is Programme Conducted?

Dates will be announced soon.

In which platform the programme is conducted

Will be announced soon.

When will I receive my certificate?

Students who have successfully completed the course and quiz will be awarded with the certificates

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