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Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore (ASBC), students spent time in rural communities as part of their their Live-in-Labs® course curricula. The students spent time in Komalikudi, an Amrita SeRVe village in Kerala.

India lives in its villages, and while the cities have grown immensely over the last 20 years, rural areas have not seen that kind of development. For India’s economy to be strong, the rural economy needs to grow.

Rural areas are still plagued by problems of malnourishment, illiteracy, unemployment and lack of basic infrastructure like schools, colleges, hospitals, sanitation, etc.

Our villages need to grow in tandem with cities and standard of life has to improve there for inclusive growth to happen. If rural India is poor, India is poor.

India lives in many generations, and visiting rural areas very easily shows that they lag behind cities by decades. While we have latest services and products available in our cities now, villagers are still coping with age old products. The problems the villagers face is also of a wide scale when compared to that of the problems faced by the urban population.

We as a team also visited one such village called “Komalikudi”, Idukki district, Kerala. It is a village located in the hills of Western Ghats, 20 kms from Munnar hill station. The village is well connected with nearby towns and the main mode of transportation is by roads. The village has abundant water resource.

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