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Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore (ASBC), students spent time in rural communities as part of their their Live-in-Labs® course curricula. The students spent time in Malcopona, an Amrita SeRVe village in Goa.

Malcopona (GOA) is located 33 kms from Madgao, Goa.Total population of the village is 443; out of which total number of male population is 216 and female population is 227 and total number of households is 94 where in general category 9 and ST category 85 households.

In this village women works very hard more than men and mostly they worked in fields. Agriculture is the prominent source income for the people and resources are paddy, banana, cashew and Arekha nut (supari). There is an Anganawadi (Kindergarten) with 12 students. There is a primary school from (1st to 4th) standard with total no of 26 students, controlled by only one teacher and Everyday government is providing Mid-day meals for them like pavbhaji and pulav. Most of the households are electrified and 24×7 electricity is available. Most of the children are educating upto 8th to 9th class and then stops because of due to lack of money. Alcoholism and gambling are the major problem in this village and youth are getting spoiled. In this village only one educated family is there. They need an awareness regarding education and alcoholism. In that village 4 toilets are available, but nobody likes to use.

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