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Renewable Energy (RE) sources penetration to the power grid has paved way towards meeting the demand at low cost in recent years. Power system planning and operational challenges has become the current and the future trend to address due to the intrusion of renewable energy supply mix. The intermittent nature of the renewable energy sources to meet the demand during off-peak and peak periods is supported by the energy storage systems. These storage systems helps to serve the means of increasing the power utilization and consumption rate. Supply demand balance is maintained in the power grid with the support of energy storage systems integrated to renewable energy sources. Research in the development of Mechanical, Electrochemical, Electrical, Thermal and Hybrid storage technologies are emerging to meet quality and reliable power supply globally.

Topics of Discussion

  • Challenges in the power grid due to RE integration
  • Paradigm in Energy Storage System
  • Energy management using hybrid energy storage technologies


Webinar on Energy Storage Systems in Renewable Energy Sector
Dr. Vijaya Chandrakala K. R. M.

Assistant Professor (SG), Electrical and Electronics Engineering School of Engineering, Amritapuri

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