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Hybrid multiscale polymer composites are emerging as a very potent and promising class of advanced materials. The inclusion of multiscale and dual nanoscale fillers in polymer matrices enhances the macro and micro properties of the composites owing to the synergistic interactions of fillers and generation of a unique filler network in the polymeric system. The diversity of resultant properties and the combinations of nanocarbon materials with inorganic fillers manifests the properties of hybrid materials and applies to a wide range of applications, from automotive and structural applications to electronics and biomedical applications. Nowadays, multifunctional hybrid polymer composite materials are the most advanced and hi-tech engineering materials that can withstand mechanical loads, and are featured with enhanced crystallization characteristics, thermal stability, fracture toughness, chemical and environmental resistance.

In this presentation we highlight the research work done by our team on hybrid multiscale composites, processing technologies, property enhancement, spectrum of applications, and an outlook on their future challenges.

Topic of Discussion


  • Development of multiscale hybrid polymer nanocomposites.
  • Processing Technologies Crystallization Characteristics.
  • Thermomechanical properties applications, Challenges.
  • Research opportunities at AMRITA.

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Webinar on Multiscale Hybrid Polymer Composites: Prospects and Challenges
Dr. Rasana N.

Assistant Professor,
Department of Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences,
Amrita School of Engineering,
Coimbatore Campus.

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