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Event Details

Objective of Event: To make participants aware of philosophical, theoretical and practical aspects of Machine Learning.
Schedule: 16/01/2021
Number of participants: 44
Coordinators: Dr. Manohar N and Ms. Priyanka M
Summary of the event:
Department of Computer Science has organized a workshop on Machine learning using Python for Research Associate, Assistant Professor and students of Computer Science department. The main aim of the workshop is to make participants aware of philosophical, theoretical and practical aspects of Machine Learning.
Dr. Dinesh R, Pricipal Engineer, Samsung Electro Mechanics, Bengaluru was the resource person for the workshop. The resource person was formally introduced to audience by Dr. Manohar N. The workshop began by introducing research scope of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. The workshop progressed to introduction of various stages of ML from basic to various classifications, clustering algorithm used in this era where various present on research problems was covered and along with various algorithms was implemented with different dataset using Python. The session was open for questionnaires from participants throughout the session and concluded with an interactive doubt clearance session. The workshop was conducted every Saturday and Sunday with the duration of 60 hours. The workshop is still on going.

Outcome: Research scholars and MCA students learned the usages of Python programming and Machine learning in the research work.

Resource Person

Workshop on Machine Learning using Python
Dr. Dinesh R

Pricipal Engineer, Samsung Electro Mechanics, Bengaluru.

Participants list
Sl. No Participants Name Designation
1 Ranjitha P Assitant Professor
2 Rampilla Mahesh Assistant professor
3 Santhosh Kumar B J Assistant professor
4 Sahana K Assistant professor cum Research Associate
6 Pushpa B R Assistant professor
7 Priyanka M Assistant Professor cum Research Associate
8 Keerthi Prasad M A Research Scholar
9 Akshay S Assistant Professor
10 Sudharshan Duth P Assistant Professor
11 Anoop A Asst. Professor cum Research Associate
12 Priyanka Mohan Assistant professor cum research associate
13 Pallavi M S Assistant professor
14 Somnath Sinha Assistant Professor
15 Akshatha Prabhu Asst Professor
16 Suresha R Research scholar
17 Vinayak Hegde Assistant professor
18 Akhil K M Research Associate
19 Karthik U Scholar
20 Nandakumar R [MY.SC.P2MCA20047]
21 Tanvi K Jois [MY.SC.P2MCA20027]
22 Shilpa M [MY.SC.I5MCA16026]
23 Yashaswini D [MY.SC.P2MCA20026]
24 Hemanth N A [MY.SC.P2MCA20064]
25 Mandara S [MY.SC.P2MCA19024]
26 Vandana K [MY.SC.P2MCA20035]
27 Ashwini Hegde [MY.SC.P2MCA19025]
28 Monisha B L [MY.SC.P2MCA20001]
29 Sanjay Nag A [MY.SC.P2MCA20028]
30 Pramath P Harithas [MY.SC.P2MCA20045]
31 Sushmitha M [MY.SC.P2MCA20068]
32 Elton Grivith D Souza [MY.SC.P2MCA19038]
33 Sarath B [MY.SC.P2MCA20030]
34 Tushaar T H [MY.SC.P2MCA20036]
35 Anusha M [MY.SC.P2MCA19047]
36 Shravya C S [MY.SC.P2MCA20008]
37 Shree Hari A V [MY.SC.I5MCA16021]
38 Adarsh Ashok [MY.SC.I5MCA16008]
39 Meenu Thomas [MY.SC.P2MCA19020]
40 Bharath B M [MY.SC.I5MCA16031]
41 Mamatha C [MY.SC.P2MCA20016]
42 Dinakar Ankanath T D [MY.SC.P2MCA20017]
43 Thejaswini H S [MY.SC.I5MCA16033]
44 Harshita Purushotham [MY.SC.P2MCA20048]
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