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A series of Competitions will be conducted for Sanskrit lovers in connection with World Sanskrit Day. Smrityavabodhini (Sloka Parayanam in 3 Categories – Spiritual,Literature and Ayurveda) and Sastrarthavabodhini in single category will be conducted on online platform and it will be open to the public irrespective of age.

Competition 1 (In 3 Categories)


  • Spiritual – Atmavidyaprakasini SYAMALADANDANADAKAM (Full)
  • Literature – Sahithya Naipuneeyam – KUMARASAMBHAVA 8TH CANTO
  • Ayurveda – Sastra Naipuneeyam – ASHTANGA SANGRAHA RITUCARYA (Chapter Full)

Competition 2 (Single Category)

  • SASTRARTHAVABODHINI – Raghuvamsham Mahakavyam First Sargam

Along with this, online competitions on Sloka recitation- Kaliyamardanam (55th Dasaka of Narayaneeyam) and elocution in Sanskrit on topic – “Kim Naasti Samskrite?” will be conducted for children up to 12 years.

Competition 1 (Upto 12 Years)

Online Competition

  • Sloka Recitation – Kaliyamardanam (55 th Dasaka of Narayaneeyam)
  • written by Melpattur Narayana Bhattathiri

Competition 2 (Upto 12 Years)

  • Elocution in Sanskrit on Topic : Kim naasti samskrite?
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