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Anisha Vadakkepatt

Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing, College of Nursing, Kochi

Qualification: MSc Nursing


Anisha Vadakkepatt currently serves as Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing, Amrita College of Nursing, Health Sciences Campus, Kochi.

Knowledgeable Professional Nursing Lecturer and highly experienced with assisting nursing students in preparing for related exams. Has excellent teaching ability and works well with one-on-one tutoring nursing students. Has a Masters degree in Obstetric & Gynaecologic Nursing along with 6 years of teaching experience and 2 years of clinical experience.

Professional Appointments
June 2016- October 2018 Clinical Instructor
Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed University), College of Nursing, Navi Mumbai
January 2014- December 2015 SHCA in Geriatrics
Newday Nursing Home, Birmingham, United Kingdom
August 2010- December 2013 Clinical Instructor
Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed University), College of Nursing, Navi Mumbai
November 2008- June 2010 Staff Nurse in NICU
Dolphin Hospital Research Foundation, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  • Best outgoing student in M.Sc. nursing (2018…2020)
  • Won the best charming staff award for the year 2014 in Newday Nursing Home Birmingham UK.
  • Blogger in ‘Nursing world’; articles are the following:
    • Nurses are the frontline warrior against corona virus.
    • Communication skills for nurses
    • Overcoming reality shock in nursing
    • Nurse entrepreneur
    • Evidence based practice
    • Herd immunity to Covid 19
    • Nurses: A voice to lead: A vision for future healthcare.
Courses Completed and Certification


  • Completed the following courses/ Training from various platforms on different topics:
    • Thesis & dissertation writing (MOOC), by Udemy.
    • Corona virus disease 2019 (MOOC) By AACC Learning Lab for Laboratory Medicine on NEJM Knowledge+
    • Student assessment &evaluation (In swayam central)
    • Elements of quality matters (QM): Deliver on your online promise; by Canvas.
    • The Port-folium Network: e-Portfolios Reinvented (6-12/HE) by Canvas
    • Quality preparation of surgical instrument by MEDLINE UNIVERSITY
    • Nursing care plan, Nursing process & Nursing assessment by Medline University
    • Transformational leadership: Alison
    • Communications: Peer relationships by Medline University
    • Udemy: How to use SMART Goals: Achieve more in less time
    • Intelycare: COVID 19 for public health professionals
    • Introduction to yoga & its application
  • Workshops
    • Guidance & counselling
    • Microsoft teams sessions
    • ZOOM lecture practice
    • Training session on curating required content from CINAHL Complete and NRC plus data base


  • Training On Digital Library (E -Resources)
  • Training On Responsible Use Of ICT
  • Workshops
    • Dance Therapy On Stress Management
    • Yoga Training
    • Training On Advance Computer Exercise
    • Nursing Process- Knowledge Updation
    • Report Writing – Knowledge Updation
    • Question Paper Setting – Knowledge Updation
    • Supervisory Regulation
    • Exam Guidelines


  • Responsible Use Of ICT (Swayam central)
  • Learning Teaching Assessment (Swayam central)
  • ICT In Teaching & Learning (Swayam central)
  • Health Research Fundamentals (Swayam central)
  • Enhancing Soft Skills & Personality
  • Faculty Development Program:
    • Legal Aspects In Nursing
    • Disaster Management & Fire & Safety
    • Art Of Living; Meditation Introduction
    • Website Management Training
    • AMS, DMS, LMS, Online Feedback training
    • Finance management


  • Training for BMT Nurses
  • Self Defence Training For Women
  • Measurements &Evaluation
  • Red Pure Study Training
Participated in Workshop/Conference/ Webinar

Participated in the following workshop/seminar/conferences/panel discussions/webinars at the state/ National/ International level on various topics:


  • National level, CBT for anxiety & depression- Mindselo
  • National level , Attitude that matters – Mindselo
  • National level, What you want: the power of intimation by Mindselo
  • International level, From literature to communicative competencies, the paradigm shift (Dr. MGR educational & research institute, International webinar)
  • National level, Higher education policy & best practices (Jain IQAC)
  • National level, art of writing research paper in Scopus journals (National, Kaamadhenu arts & science college)
  • National level, Promotion of academic integrity & prevention of plagiarism in higher education institution, national, Gurunanak Khalsa college)
  • National level, Smiling from the heart- finding happiness within you- Mindselo
  • National level, Master of ceremony in Covid Second wave: Amrita college of nursing
  • National level, Building a fairer, healthier, world (Yenepoya nursing college)
  • International e-workshop on ‘Nursing theories’, conducted by Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, “Deemed To Be University”, Karad.
  • National level webinar on ‘Start with an Idea’  by start up club and IQAC of Nirmala Memorial Foundation college of Commerce & Science in association with Mu Ideas Start- up incubator university of Mumbai.
  •  Three-Day National E-Workshop on “Constructing Constructivist Lesson Plan” by Department of Education, Hierank Business School, Noida.
  • Two-days National level online Seminar on ‘ Importance of soft skills for career enhancement’ conducted by Vedavignana academics & Research Centre, Hyderabad.
  • 3-DAYS e-conference on  “Artificial Intelligence in Nursing: A Hope, A Promise” by Tarangan, L T College of nursing, S N D T women’s university, Mumbai.


  • International workshop by Bharati vidyapeeth (Deemed to be university), college of nursing, Navi Mumbai on Research.
  • Online learning International workshop for faculty by QASPIR (3 DAYS)
  • National webinar COVID -19 Impact On Business And Employees Ishrae
  • State webinar: safety at home vs safety at hospital BY ishrae
  • International webinar: COVID Related Stress and Practical tips by  national association of Indian and nurses of America (NAINA)
  • National webinar: ELSEVIER: Professionalism on the frontline
  • National webinar: AACN- Creating calm &civility during uncertain times
  • National Webinar; Protecting your mental health in the pandemic by ECHO, Gujarat Digital Academy for mental health
  • National webinar: Capacity building of civil society to face the impact of COVID 19
  • State level Panel discussion: work life for women post COVID 19
  • TED x GATEWAY: The world has changed : National webinar
  • National webinar: NEUROGEN: Spinal Cord Injury: Causes, Implications & Stem Cell Therapy as an Intervention
  • National webinar: Elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd : A Session on Heartfulness Meditation
  • ADDITUDE: ADHD international Webinar
  • International webinar: NAINA: Burnout and Compassion Fatigue among Healthcare Workers: Tips for Creating Resilience and Coping skills.
  • International webinar: ISB AMPH: Healthcare Innovation in timed of crisis
  • International webinar: Carrington Lott :Integrating Cross-Sectoral Health and Social Services for the Homeless”
  • National webinar: ELSEVIER: Regulation of pH and associated disorders.
  • NCEARD National WEBINAR Series on COVID-19: Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyle & Support for Elderly Population”.
  • National webinar :Elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd : Can COVID 19 spur education 4.0.
  •  International webinar: ADDITUDE: ADHD life:Reassessing goals priorities after a pandemic.
  • NIMHANS Nursing COVID 19 Online training (CNE)
  • State level webinar: BVIMS&R, CBD Belapur: A brief treatise on research methods & data analysis.
  • National webinar: ELETS TECHNOMEDIA: Redefining the leadership in Virtual environment-Innovation to transformation.
  • National WEBINAR: Self Mastery Blueprint – 3 Secrets for Inner and Outer Healing,
  • National webinar: Lippincott(webcast): Calming the COVID 19 storm: delivering effective clinical & Nursing care
  • International webinar: ADDITUDE: Sensory-smart strategies for children & sensory processing disorder & ADHD
  • National webinar: ELETS TECH: COVID 19 Changing challenges into opportunities learning & role of tech in academia.
  • National webinar ELETS TECHNOMEDIA: Idea to market: healthcare innovation commercialization
  • National webinar ELETS TECHNOMEDIA: Future of digital education in post covid era confirmation.
  • National webinar : nursing perspective- preventive aspects of COVID 19 in the clinical set up
  • National webinar: COVID 19, Real-time challenges & quarantine facility management.
  • National webinar: Adopting implementable stratifies during lockdown-lessons from multiple states in India.
  • National webinar : ELETS TECH: Disruptive university (
  • International webinar: ADDITUDE: I ‘d be more proactive why women with ADHD are struggling while staying at home.
  • International webinar: NAINA: COVID 19, Webinar series.
  • National webinar: E-shodhsindhu: Web of science: discovery begins here! (5 days)
  • National webinar : ELETS TECH: Exclusive webinar: Role of tech & blended learning way forward: approaching next academic session & delivering students learning.
  • National webinar : CQCNRS Webinar: Nurses: a voice to lead:nursing the world to health.
  • National webinar : Khalsa college of educatioj: national webinar session: Menstraution; health & nutritional problems in children
  • National webinar :Khalsa college of educatioj: national webinar session: Backpain.
  • National webinar : NEUROGEN: Stem cell therapy, important benefits of neurological disorders.
  • National webinar : Mohekar AQAR web page
  • National level ONLINE FDP: Experiential learning methodology-Gandhijis Naitalim way (5 days).
  • National webinar : Elets technomedia: blended learning and digital examination to boost effectiveness and efficiency in academic confirmation
  • National webinar: general precautions health hygiene and sanitization during COVID 19 & BOOSTING IMMUNE SYSTEM DURING COVID 19 TIMES.
  • National webinar: libraries in new normal: challenges and strategies for post COVID 19 pandemic situation
  • National webinar: the importance of clinical research in nursing research by MPREX ,
  • Parivartan: changing scenario in science, education and psychology- a combined approach, national level FDP
  • National webinar: effective research writing, skill  and publication
  • National webinar: an attitude of gratitude- a great learning from COVID 19 ,
  • International webinar: covid 19- An impact on midwifery practices
  • THREE DAY national level WORKSHOP on NAAC: A step by step process.
  • National webinar: strengthening PG Research
  • National webinar: kick start your research work
  • NATIONAL level FDP: Techno- pedagogial aspect of global competency in higher education,
  • international webinar: COVID 19: Paradigm shift in teaching -learning & learner’s physical and mental  well being
  • international webinar: antenatal care during COVID 19
  • national level FDP ON Evolution from offline to onine teaching, (5DAYS)
  • international webinar: critical care nursing trends: essential skills for nurses to succeed,
  • National webinar on Bleeding in Early Pregnancy &its Management,
  • National webinar: NAAC Assessment & Accreditation for AQAR Process
  • state level webinar: The art of writing research grant proposal’


  • Research- Steps towards Quality Improvement


  • International workshop on HIT Next Services: Health Technique Challenges by SIES College of Management, Nerul.
  • Patient Safety(CNE)
  •  Medication Error (CNE)
  • Paediatrics Updates (CNE)
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