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Anooja Antony currently serves as Lecturer in the Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing, Amrita College of Nursing, Health Sciences Campus, Kochi.


  • M. Sc. Nursing in Medical Surgical Nursing- Oncology Nursing from Amrita College of Nursing, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi and awarded as "Top scorer" of the batch in 2017.
  • B.Sc Nursing from St. John's College of Nursing, St. John's National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore


Year Affiliation
August 7, 2017 – Present Lecturer- Amrita College of Nursing
March 2014 – June 2015 Staff Nurse: St. John's Medical College Hospital Banglore

Involved Student Research Work

  • 2018 – Physical function and Psychological Well-being of patients with Cervical Cancer


Publication Type: Journal Article

Year of Publication Title


Anooja Antony and Prof. Sheela Pavithran, “Taste Alterations and Quality of Life of Patients Recieving Chemotherapy”, Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, vol. 10, no. 12, pp. 380-383, 2017.[Abstract]

Objective: The study was conducted with the aim to determine the taste alteration (TA) and its relation with quality of life (QOL) of patients receiving chemotherapy. Methods: The present study was undertaken among 100 patients receiving cancer chemotherapy with the aim of identifying the commonly experienced TA and its relation with QOL of the patients. The patients were selected by convenience sampling from a selected Cancer Institute in Kerala. Results: The study reported that TA was present in all the patients receiving chemotherapy ranging from mild to severe where 50% had moderate and 9% had severe alteration in taste. There were 19% patients who had poor and 45% who had average QOL. The TAs had a moderately negative correlation with QOL (r=−0.51) indicating that an increase in TA decreases the QOL. Conclusion: The study evinces that TA is a common side effect of chemotherapy which often impacts the QOL negatively. Hence, it is essential to understand the types of TA and the specific drug causing it. This will enable the health-care team members to develop treatments for these conditions and educate patients regarding the strategies to be adopted to manage the problem, thereby improving patients’ QOL. Keywords: Chemotherapy, Taste alterations, Quality of life, Chemotherapy-induced taste alteration scale, Side effects of chemotherapy

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Kanmani J and Anooja Antony, “Psycho - Social Level of Patients Undergoing Solid Organ Transplantation”, Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development , vol. 8, pp. 131-136, 2017.[Abstract]

Organ transplantation has been developed over past 100 years. It is a process which is challenging for patients and his/her family members. It requires lifelong commitment which results in psychosocial distress. Hence along with the clinical evaluation of the patient psychosocial assessment is also important. Purpose: The objectives of the study were to identify the psychosocial level of patients undergoing solid organ transplantation. Materials and method: A quantitative descriptive study was done among 50 patients who were planned for undergoing solid organ transplantation at AIMS, Kochi. A standardized questionnaire, Stanford Integrated Psychosocial Assessment Tool was used for assessing the psychosocial level along with the questionnaire for socio demographic and clinical variables. Results: The study results shows that among 50 subjects 36(72%) were males and 14(28%) were females. Majority 47(94%) of them had good social support .Out of 50 subjects 37(74%) are waiting for kidney transplantation and 13 (26%) are waiting for liver transplantation. With regard to psychosocial levels 68% were belongs to category of good candidates. The mean score of the study was 16.14. There was statistically significant association were found between education and monthly income (p<0.005) Conclusion: The patients who are undergoing organ transplantation or on transplantation treatment are connected with long term emotional tension, experiencing strong anxiety, depressive disorders and so on. Hence the psychosocial assessment is very essential for transplant patients to cope up with the life after transplantation.

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Paper Presented

  • Prof. Kanmami J, and Anooja Antony . “Psychosocial Level of Patients undergoing Solid Organ Transplanation" in National conference on "Organ Transplant – together, towards tomorrow" organized by Amrita College of Nursing on 20th & 21st Nov 2015.

Poster Presented

  • Suicide Risk after Bariatric Surgery at the International conference on Obesity: A Multifaceted approach conducted by Amrita College of Nursing ,Kochi , on 1st and 2nd Dec ,2017.
  • Protect your Pearly whites after Bariatric Surgery at the International conference on Obesity: A Multifaceted approach conducted by Amrita College of Nursing ,Kochi , on 1st and 2nd Dec ,2017.

Conference Attended / Conducted

Year Affiliation
  • Participated in the "Dissemination of ICMR National Ethical Guidelines 2017" conducted by  CDSA, Dept of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. Of India on 22nd  February , 2018 at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences .
  • Sate level conference on " Archievivg excellence in inerpretation of diagnostic studies- Beyond the Basics" – Pushphagiri college of nursing . Kerala, India.
  • Participated in a state level conference on " Scholarly writing for research publication in Nursing , Govt. College of Nursing, Alappuzha,Kerala
  • Organising committee member in the International conference on Obesity: A Multifaceted approach  conducted by  Amrita College of Nursing ,Kochi , on 1st  and 2nd Dec ,2017.
  • Participated in Workshop on  Palliative care: Transforming Care beyond Cure conducted bt St, Teresa's College  Ernakulam on January 2017.
  • Participaated in International Conference on Systems Oncology: Nursing Track conducted by Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences on 12th March, 2017.
  • Organising committee member in the state level workshop " safe blood transfusion" , Amrita College of Nursing, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences .8. Participated in National Conference on Metamorphosis in Cancer Care conducted by Aster Medicity on 11-12th March, 2016.
  • Participated in National conference on "Organ Transplant – together, towards tomorrow" organized by Amrita College of Nursing on 20th & 21st Nov 2015 .10. National Conference on "Transformative curriculum in Nursing shaping Future Nurses" in Benziger College of Nursing, Kollam, Kerala.


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