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Manjushree Hegde

Assistant Professor, Spiritual Studies, Coimbatore

Qualification: BE, MA
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Manjushree Hegde currently serves as Assistant Professor in Amrita Darshanam (International Centre for Spiritual Studies) in Coimbatore campus. She was a research fellow at Infinity Foundation India. She obtained M. A. in Sanskrit in 2016. She is qualified in National Eligibility Test (NET) at University Grants Commission. She has extensively studied Advaita Vedanta (Gaudapada, Samkara, Suresvara) under Sri AshwathnarayanaAvadhani in Mattur, Karnataka, and Vyakarana under Dr. Pushpa Dixit in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh.She has also studied Navya-nyaya, Purvamimamsa and Samkhya under Sri. Kantapalliand Prof. V. N. Jha. She obtained B. E. in Mechanical Engineering from PESIT, Bangalore in 2011.


  • “Vedanta and Varna System”, 22nd Vedanta Congress, JNU
  • “Ayodhyakanda – Clay Sanskrit Library: An Evaluation”, Swadeshi Indology, IITM, Chennai
  • “Sanskrit Knowledge Systems on the Eve of Colonialism: Critical Analysis”, Swadeshi Indology, IGNCA, New Delhi (Best Paper Award)
  • Monograph: A critical appraisal of Sheldon Pollock’s Ramayana (to be published)
  • “Aesthetics of Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy”, Shree Shankaracharya University, Kalady
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