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P. Suresh Kumar was born in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, India, in 1987. He received his B. Tech. degree in Electronics Instrumentation and Control Engineering from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, in 2008, and the M. Tech. degree in Control and Instrumentation from N. I. T. Trichy, Thiruchirappalli, in 2012. He is currently pursuing the Ph. D. degree in Avionics department at Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST), Thiruvananthapuram from July 17, 2013. His research interests include the renewable energy, spacecraft docking, quadcopter system design and control, agriculture machine design, linear and non-linear controller design, system modeling, robust control. He is the reviewer of ISA Transactions (Elsevier Editorial system). He is the recipient of the MHRD scholarship from 2010-2012, and Dept. of Space scholarship from 2013-2018.


  • Pursuing: Ph. D. in Control systems
  • 2012: M. Tech. in Control & Instrumentation
    N. I. T. Trichy
  • 2007 - 2009: MBA in HRM and Finance
    M. G. University
  • M. Tech. - MHRD scholarship from 2010-2012 (Qualified GATE -2010)
  • Ph. D. Fellowship - Dept. of Space scholarship from 2013-2018.

Professional Experience

Year Affiliation
July 10, 2018 - Till present Assistant Professor, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
Domain : Teaching
2012 - 2013 Assistant Professor, MBC Engineering College
Domain : Teaching

Undergraduate Courses Handled

  • Control Systems Engineering

Post-Graduate / PhD Courses

  • Digital Control Systems (Automotive Electronics)


Publication Type: Conference Paper

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P. Suresh Kumar, Priyadarshan, H., and Simha, M. S. H., “Modeling and Nonlinear Controller Design of 1-D Inverted Magnetic Needle in an Nonuniform Magnetic Field”, in 2017 Indian Control Conference (ICC), 2017.[Abstract]

In this paper, we study the detailed modeling of the magnetic needle in a nonuniform external magnetic field. Center of the magnetic needle is pivoted so that it is allowed to rotate about one axis. A magnetic needle placed in an external magnetic field has two equilibrium points, one is stable and the other is unstable. A passivity based non-linear controller is designed for nonuniform external magnetic field system, and its tracking performance is studied at the unstable equilibrium point. The transient and steady state performance are compared between different control strategies in terms of settling time, peak overshoot, the steady state amplitude of oscillations. Further, the control strategies designed for uniform external magnetic field system are applied to the nonuniform external magnetic field system, to study the change in performance when compared to the designed controller for nonuniform external magnetic field system. The conclusions are made based on the simulation results.

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P. Suresh Kumar, Priyadarshan, H., and Simha, M. S. H., “Study of Robust Control Performance for Inverted Magnetic Needle”, in 2016 Indian Control Conference (ICC), 2016.[Abstract]

In this paper we consider the control of inverted magnetic needle with one degree of freedom in an uniform external magnetic field. A magnetic needle placed in an external magnetic field will have two equilibrium points, one of which is stable and, the other unstable. The tracking control performance of the magnetic needle in the unstable equilibrium point is studied in this paper. Design and tracking performance of lead, lead lag compensators, feed forward integral controller, H∞and quantitative feedback controller are studied for linear and nonlinear system. The effect of system parameter uncertainty and output disturbance on the system tracking response for all the above controllers is also discussed

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Publication Type: Journal Article

Year of Publication Title


P. Suresh Kumar, H, P., and simha, M. S. Harsha, “Modeling and Control of Invertedmagnetic Needle: Energy Based Nonlinear Controller for One degree of Freedom System”, IEEE-INDICON 2016, 2016.


P. Suresh Kumar, Priyadarshan, H., and Simha, M. S. Harsha, “2-D Inverted Magnetic Needle Modeling and it's Control: A Novel Benchmark Problem in Control System”, IFAC-PapersOnLine, vol. 49, pp. 53 - 58, 2016.[Abstract]

In this paper we introduce a novel benchmark problem to study the control of magnetic needle with two degrees of rotational freedom in a uniform magnetic field. Magnetic needle in an external magnetic field has stable and unstable equilibrium points, which depends on it's orientation. Our idea is to control the magnetic needle near it's unstable equilibrium point. Dynamics of the system is derived using Lagrangian energy based technique. The nonlinear system dynamics are linearized at unstable equilibrium point and the controllers are designed for this linear system, and the same controllers are applied to nonlinear system. The difference in tracking performance for linear and nonlinear system is observed using PD, PID, lead, lead lag compensators and state feedback, feed forward integral controller and H∞, quantitative feedback controllers. Further, control effort for all the above controllers are computed

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P. Suresh Kumar and H, P., “Modeling and control of Inverted Magnetic Needle”, BARC-3rd SACI, pp. 374-381, 2014.

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