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Rupesh Kalesan

Assistant Professor, Amritadarsanam, ASSCS, School of Engineering, Amritapuri

Qualification: B-Tech, M.Tech
Research Interest: Sanskrit, Mahabharata


Rupesh currently serves as Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri.

FDP / Workshops
  • Conducted Teacher Training Capacity Building Workshops for Amritavidyalayam teachers, at Manglore, Karwar, Ernakulam Amritapuri.
  • Delivered FDP talk on Mahabharata to staff of ASSCS in 2022
  • Vedic Mathematics workshops at Mysuru and Amritapuri in 2013
  • Sadgamaya youth empowerment workshops (2013-2020)
Books and Articles


  • Edited book titled “Colours of Wisdom” which will be used as textbook for Indian Culture in eleventh standar subjects in Amritavidyalayams.
  • Edited book titled “Architects of a great Nation”, which will be used as textbook for Indian Culture subject in twelfth standard in Amritavidyalayams.

Newspaper articles

  • Mankind & nature: Connecting missing dots –  June 02/2019
  • India, World’s most dangerous country for women? Really? – June 02/2019
  • Cultural articles in Mathruvani, Spiritual monthly publication, Mata Amritanandamayi Math
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