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Code of Conduct


Both the governing body and administration have a very important role to support all members of the university in achieving their potential while meeting the objectives of the university.

Specifically, in discharging their duties, they should:

  1. Be models of integrity of character, honesty, righteousness and truthfulness.
  2. Ensure fairness, impartiality, absence of prejudice, nondiscrimination, equal opportunity, embrace.
  3. Encourage all members of the community abide by laws of the country and state.
  4. Exhibit selflessness while discharging their university responsibilities.
  5. Place universities requirements above their individual preferences.

Additional Code of Conduct for Governing Body

All actions of governing body members must maintain the decorum and stature of the university and must be role models that communicate and foster the Founder and Chancellor Amma’s universal principle of compassionate service to society. Specifically:

  1. Governing body will meet twice a year to take up university agenda.
  2. Ensure that all campuses have a common philosophy that drives their growth and that all campuses are unified as a single entity under the university vision and mission.
  3. Ensure that administrative heads are fully supported in promoting the vision and mission of the university and given the tools and resources to do so.
  4. Ensure that the university is meeting the needs of society by designing its academic programs so as to stay relevant and so as to train students to address current problems and challenges.
  5. Ensure that there is academic and research excellence in all of its campuses.
  6. Ensure that the university is meeting the needs of rural India and its villages and that students are made aware of this segment of society.
  7. Oversee the preparation of the university annual report.
  8. Handle and address any university level situations that may impact the overall health of the university.
  9. Facilitate the smooth interaction between university, state and nation to ensure that the university is well positioned to serve the needs of the state and the state and country.
  10. Facilitate decentralized decision making at the departmental level.
  11. Assume fiduciary responsibility for the university and provide budgetary allocations to departments to speed up implementation of projects.

In addition, the following codes of conduct are applicable to the administration

  1. Support students/ staff of all backgrounds and castes and races and gender to help them fulfill all their academic goals without discrimination. Ensure that discrimination of any kind is discouraged.
  2. Give emphasis on blending academic learning with self-development as a central part of the university mission. Ensure that events are organized to meet this objective.
  3. Incentivize research in all academic areas.
  4. Make every effort to support the development of labs and space for research activities.
  5. Encourage and support collaborative activities within the university and with other outside institutions of repute.
  6. Promote the concept of interdisciplinary studies in all areas.
  7. Promote and encourage academic and research activities that support and learn from India’s villages and India’s rural sector.
  8. Maintain and develop connections with alumni as a life-long relationship of mutual support.
  9. Provide support to students and staff for recreational activities.
  10. Initiate and develop industry collaborations to help students understand how knowledge is applied.
  11. Make all effort to introduce digital technologies to make administrative activities faster and more efficient.
  12. Enhance acceptance and usage of digital technologies.
  13. Be responsive to student issues and needs and complaints and set up mechanisms to address them
  14. Be responsive to staff needs and complaints and have mechanisms to address them
  15. Facilitate faculty developmental programs and ensure all faculty are given ample opportunity for such development.
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