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Preliminary Online Round

Last Date for Registration (Preliminary Online Round): June 20, 2021 (closed)

Teams interested in participating in other sites in India are free to cancel the registration at Amritapuri site by logging to the ICPC Foundation Registration system.

  • Practice session will be on July 31, 2021.
    • Timing: 06.00 to 08.30 PM.
    • Duration: 2.5 hours.
    • Link
  • Preliminary Round contest will be held on August 7, 2021.
    • Timing: 06:00 to 08:30 PM.
    • Duration:  2.5 hours.
    • Contest Platform:
      Logins: 3 logins (one each for a team member) – Laptop / Desktop
      Number of problems: 4 to 6
  • Discussion on problem solution: Monday, August 9th 06:00 to 8:00 PM (Link will be sent before the session by email)
    There is no registration fee to participate in the Preliminary Online Round.
    Last date for the cancellation of teams to participate in the other sites: August 5, 05:00 PM.

Rank List

Regional Round
  • Regional Round will be on August 14, 2021.
    • Timing: 06:00 to 10:00 PM
    • Duration: 4 hours.
    • Registration fees per team: INR 700 + GST

Regional Round will be held online on CODEDRILLS platform. Teams will be promoted after the Preliminary Online Round. Link will be updated soon for payment. Payment shall be made on or before August 12, 11:59 PM. Amrita will host the regional round in the online mode with the following selection criteria.

Total Slots: 700

Teams solving at least one problem in the Preliminary Online Round are eligible for certificate and ranking in the online round.

Top team from each institution is selected first, to compete in the Regional Round

Rest of the slots are filled in the rank order.

For any queries reach out to us at

Qualified Teams List

Contest Rules

All the teams who have participated in the ICPC 2020 Amritapuri Site Regional Contest shall fill the google form for T-shirts.

  • Please coordinate with-in the team and make sure only one member from each Team fills the details.
  • The teams must submit the form on or before August 31st.
  • T-shirts will be dispatched to one address provided by the team member. So, please note that this will be one packet per team.
  • If anyone hasn’t updated the T-shirt size, please update the same in the ICPC portal at the earliest.


When is the team accepted in the ICPC portal?

On the same day of payment received it will be accepted in the ICPC Registration portal.

How can we know whether our payment is received?

You will receive an email intimation from our end and also, your team will be accepted in the ICPC Registration portal.

Last date for payment?

August 12, 2021.

How to cancel a team in ICPC Registration Site?

Coach has to login with the credentials and “CANCEL”.

Last date of cancellation?

Teams interested in participating in the contest hosted by other sites in India shall cancel their team registration in the ICPC Registration portal on or before August 5, 2021. 05.00 PM. 

Should they register again for regional as they only registered for online?

Selected teams are promoted from Preliminary round to Regional Round. There is NO need to register the team again for the Regional Round.

Guidelines for Registration to Online Contest

Things to note before online contest registration

  1. Teams shall first register in Baylor Site.
  2. Each team shall have a coach. Coach is the faculty member from the same college as that of the team.Read More
  3. Coach creates a team in the Baylor Site under “Asia Amritapuri First Round Online Programming Contest” Online contest.
  4. Coach is expected to create a team with their email id. While creating teams, the coach shall invite the contestants and reserve.
  5. There should be three members in a team, apart from a reserve person. It is not mandatory to keep a reserve person.
  6. Team members (contestants) shall complete their profile in Baylor Site. It is mandatory that all the details as required in the Baylor system shall be completed before the last date.

For any queries reach out to us at

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