What type of visa should I have to study at Amrita?

We require all students to acquire a student visa in order to receive any recognition/credits for the coursework or internship completed at Amrita. We cannot accept students who come on a tourist visa.

What should I do when I arrive in India?

Once you have rested and gotten in touch with the Center for International Programs, it is imperative that you register with the local Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) within 14 days of arrival if you have come to India on a Student or a Research Visa and plan to stay more than 2 months (60 days). Registration facilities are not provided at the airport but in the office of FRROs or District Superintendents of Police. A member of the Amrita Center for International Programs can accompany students to the local FRRO but all transportation charges must be paid by students.

What should I bring with me?

It is highly recommended that students have the following with them: passport, passport size photographs (20), student or research visa, and any other official forms of identification from the student’s home country. In addition, students should also bring medicine, cotton clothes, a light rain jacket, sunglasses, and an umbrella. Most of these items can be obtained after reaching India but it is advised that students come prepared.

Is there a dress code for students?

Yes. Amrita is fairly strict about the way students dress. It is imperative that all students dress modestly and abide by the customs and norms observed by the institution. Jeans, short tops, short shorts, short skirts, tank tops, overly tight clothes, or torn clothes are NOT allowed to be worn by male or female students.

How do I open a bank account?

Dhanlaxmi Bank branches can be found onsite for all Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham campuses. To open an account, you need to bring your original passport and visa, self-attested copies of your passport with proof of address in your home country, passport size photographs (minimum 3), self-attested copies of your visa, and proof of address in India.

How do I get a cell phone connection?

The Center for International Programs will aid you in applying for and acquiring a sim card but you need to purchase your phone separately. Please bring copies of your passport, proof of address in India (hostel/guest house), and passport size photographs.

How do I get a data card (Internet) for my laptop?

The Center will aid you in applying for and acquiring a data card for your laptop. Internet will be provided in classrooms and Wi-Fi is available in some campuses. If you wish, however, to have 24/7 internet access on your laptop, it would be beneficial to purchase a data card. Please bring copies of your passport, proof of address in India, and passport size photographs.

What is the typical voltage rating in India?

220VAC, 50 Hz

Do I need an international driving permit?

If you have one, you could drive a two or a four wheeler. You cannot, however, get a driving license with a temporary address.

Who do I contact if I want to go sightseeing or plan a trip?

You can contact Mr. Krishnan Pillai at ACIP to help you with your travel plans.

How do I book train tickets?


Who do I contact if I have any problems, concerns, or questions?

You can call the Amrita Center for International Programs at +91-476-280-4152, or you can write to us at international@amrita.edu