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Incoming Students

Incoming Students

Amrita welcomes applications from international students in all academic disciplines currently offered by the University. This page contains specific information for international students, such as the various academic programs, admissions criteria, immigration information, general guidelines, studying at Amrita, etc.

Outgoing Students

Outgoing Students

Amrita students are strongly encouraged to supplement their current academic experience by participating in a student exchange program with one of our partner universities. Through our semester exchange program (one or two semesters), ACIP aims to provide students with a meaningful overseas educational experience.

The Amrita Center for International Programs is proud to present the Amrita Dual Degree, an academically attractive alternative to traditional methods of study. Through the dual degree programs, Amrita students can undertake graduate coursework towards two separate degrees, simultaneously, usually completing the course in just two years. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to earn their second degree from an internationally recognized institution in the U.S. or Europe.

The dual degree programs at Amrita are popular since students are exposed to two areas of study while experiencing cross cultural immersion. The programs open up new career paths for students and enhance their employability.

Seize the opportunity to earn two degrees and gain a competitive professional advantage!

ACIP currently offers dual degree programs with the following universities:


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