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Maerhaba Yishake

Maerhaba Yishake is a lecturer and researcher with expertise in sustainable development, circular economy and entrepreneurship. Holding a Master’s degree in Science for Sustainable Development from Linköping University, Sweden, Maerhaba has been an integral part of Business Models research group since 2021 at Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

In her role, Maerhaba contributes to the research areas such as business models development, circular economy, and inclusive entrepreneurship. Engaged in various European projects, she is involved in coaching, matching academics with businesses, and developing online MOOCs.

Beyond her research, Maerhaba actively shapes the practical experiences of students. As a an instructor in international business, she creates a dynamic learning environment, going beyond traditional teaching methods. Serving as a coach, Maerhaba supports students from diverse disciplines in real-life projects within and outside Saxion, bridging theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience to prepare them for the professional world.

Maerhaba’s fluency in Uyghur, Mandarin Chinese, English, and Dutch is a result of her diverse experiences living in various corners of the globe. Her effective communication skills naturally enhance interactions, allowing her to connect effortlessly with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures

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