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About Mastery Over Mind (MaOM)

Mastery Over Mind (MaOM) is a university wide initiative at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham that aims to promote stress management, good health and well-being of all students, faculty members and staff. With roots from Indian culture, this course and program is part of our efforts for sustainable stress reduction (UN SDG -3) and provide an introduction to immediate and long-term benefits of ancient tradition-based stress reduction methods. The MaOM program encourages every attendee to manage stressful emotions and anxiety facilitating inner peace and harmony.

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Based on a meditation technique offered by our Chancellor and world-renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma), MAstery Over Mind Program is offered as free for all members of AMRITA family. This program enhances the understanding of experiential learning based on university’s mission: “Education for Life along with Education for Living”, and is aimed to allow learners to explore one’s potential and facilitate the fulfilment of life’s goals.

Our Chancellor Amma often reminds us “live in the present moment”, and that “meditation is like mining diamonds that have their own fragrance”. While MaOM focusses towards an inner achievement, it also serves as a reminder for the practitioner to ground themselves and relish the present moment. The MAstery Over Mind (MaOM) program was commenced in 2019 during the COVID-19 lockdown through an online mode for the students of Amritapuri campus. It received overwhelmingly positive feedback for helping attendees overcome their day-to-day stress, while dealing with challenging situations at home.

Starting 2022, we have scaled up MaOM program to encompass entire University and its campuses across the country.

Program Structure

Mastery Over Mind – Meditation course (Explore the Life with love and Light)

Learning how stress can be reduced? Come, try out a course that explains sustainable stress reduction through meditation.

The main aim of MAstery Over Mind online meditation course is to understand and empower one’s potential and facilitate stress reduction intrinsically. The course attempts to showcase methods to overcome the stress that accumulate in our day-to-day life.

For Further Details

Three Day – Short Term Faculty Development Program

MAstery Over Mind (MaOM) program for all faculty and staff members launched by our School of Spiritual and Cultural Studies, Amritapuri as part of our ongoing efforts for UN’s Sustainable Development Goals #SDG3: Good Health and well-being.

MaOM in the Classroom

The MaOM program will be a comprehensive weekly offering for students, faculty, staff members and the university community. It is free to attend and open to all the students and faculty of the university regardless of their experience. The MaOM program welcomes individual from all cultures and traditions. The benefits of meditation have gained attention from both industry and academia, as careers have become busier and work and home-based stress impact daily life. Meditation practices have been known to reduce stress, alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, an increase in energy and enhance concentration.

MaOM program was launched on 23rd February, 2022 at 10am. The program was held at Amritapuri and streamed online across all other 5campuses.To ensure the participation of entire Amrita Fraternity in MaOM program, the Faculty Development Program was continued on February 24th and 28th as well. More than 1000 participants from all Amrita campuses witnessed the event. Ms. Aswathy Chandran, Ms. Amrita Darshana, Br.Dr. Achyutamrita Chaitanya, Principal, School of Spiritual and Cultural Studies, welcomed the participants, coordinators and attendees from various campuses.

Br. Dr. Achyutamrita Chaitanya, in his address, conveyed the message of Amma, our Chancellor, regarding the program which is offered free. He welcomed Pujya Swami Atmananda Puri to conduct the meditation session.

Swami Atmananda Puri introduced participants that, the goal of meditation is emphasizing that it is not merely to discover peace but to realize that our very true nature is peace. He guided the participants on meditation focussing on peace and harmony for oneself and all beings in the universe. Dr. Balakrishnan Shankar, Dean, Engineering, Amritapuri campus addressed all faculty members adding to the benefits of the program.  Bri.Prof. Deepthi of Amrita Darshanam concluded the event by emphasizing the goal of one’s true potential. She also thanked the provost, colleagues, and Amrita team who facilitated the program.

Program Implementation – Four Level Training Program

Under the guidance of Pujya Swami Atmananda Puri, four levels of MaOM meditation training were conducted for more than 600 Meditation Facilitators from all six campus on February 25, March 4, March 11, and March 18, 2022.

The Training sessions were conducted offline in a hybrid mode at the Meditation Hall at Amritapuri Campus, which was streamed online to other five campuses. Through an email request and based on a peer-request model, MaOM trainers volunteered from all Amrita campuses, and a similar process allowed recruiting campus-level MaOM coordinators. The questions highlighted topics related to practical ways to maintain focus, relieve anxiety, various models of meditations and living a life of purpose and satisfaction. etc. A weekly training report was presented, including the photos of participation from all campus MaOM coordinators

One Day Pedagogy Workshop on MaOM (MAstery Over Mind )

A One-day Pedagogy Workshop in teaching and delivering MaOM course (MAstery Over Mind), was organised on September 17, 2022, at Amritapuri Campus, where more than 150 MaOM faculty members of all seven Amrita campuses; Coimbatore, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kochi, Mysuru, Amaravati and Amritapuri.

Through the Infinite grace of Amma, and by the guidance of Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri the President of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, and with the support of Dr. Maneesha V Ramesh, Provost of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, the Mastery Over Mind (MaOM) meditation program based on teachings of Sadguru Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi’s MaOM Meditation, has been expanded from shorter meditation session conducted on 2019, to a two credit course, coined as MaOM (Mastery Over Mind) with the course code 22AVO103. The course is now mandatory for all first-year students in 2022. It encompasses over 4000 students from 140 batches across various schools of Amrita University nationwide.

The workshop was blessed by the presence of Swami Shubamritananda Puri with his enlightening Guided MaOM Meditation session and Q & A session, creating a memorable and spiritual enriching experience. The Milestones of MaOM were beautifully portrayed in a short 5 min video, captured the hearts of all viewers through positive testimonials of Amrita student’s regarding MaOM Meditation.

The Illustrative Pedagogy sessions commenced with Bri Deepthi, the MaOM Course Coordinator, setting the course context. This was followed by four sessions that covered all six units of the MaOM course, each focusing on specific Course Outcomes. These outcomes spanned topics such as Introduction to MaOM, Stress Management, Science of Meditation, and the Effects of Meditation on Communication, Relationships, and Compassion-Driven Action.

The sessions were delivered by the experts in their respective fields, including Dr. Deepak Gupta, Dr. Shobhana Madhavan, Prof Udhayakumar, Br Chandrasekhar, and Mr. Sandeep (represented Dr. Shyam Diwakar). The workshop concluded with the distribution of participation certificates, and received tremendous positive feedback from all the participants, coined their experience as “Awesome Learning”, “Wonderful Time” “Great Experience” and so on.

The highlight of the workshop was the Meditation, Satsang & Bhajans with AMMA at Amritapuri Ashram in the evening. All the participants were also blessed with Amma’s Darshan, Special Blessings for Her Wonderful children.

Furthermore, Bri Deepthi provided the course context and AMMA’S message with her MaOM Facilitator Children. In response to the MaOM course offered across the Amrita Fraternity, Amma expressed “Meditation is priceless like Mother’s milk”, and should not be treated as a community to be priced. She emphasized the importance of cultivating compassion toward fellow beings and nature, which should be a measurable outcome of this course and responsibility of MaOM faculty members. It cannot be charged and compassion to fellow beings and nature is what Amma wants to see in her children as one of the important measurable outcomes of this course, which is our responsibility as MaOM faculty members. Amma added the need to instil a sense of gratitude in students, which can be manifested through acts such as providing pencils to underprivileged children and supporting our ancient rishi tradition that upholds Sanatana Dharma principles and universal human values. Amma lamented the decline of these values among the current youth, which she identified as the root cause of societal problems.

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Maintain a Meditative State Throughout
Habit of Meditating while Going to Bed
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Aditya R

Times have been hard lately. Post Pandemic, it has been hard for me personally to cope with the barrage of assignments, tests, projects, and Vivas which I had to face during the offline mode of classes rather than the online mode. So, it is obvious to say if I say I started to become more stressed and agitated and overall exhausted, both physically and mentally. I needed a change. Fortunately, it was around this time that the Ma-Om Meditation classes started with Sriram Sir and that truly was God’s blessings in disguise. At first, I considered it to be a whole waste of time; I mean why were we spending time for meditation when we could have used that time to spend on academics because I was already feeling a major sense of time constraint all the time. Only later did I realize that it was of utmost importance to all of us. So, I thought about giving it a chance and taking it seriously because what did I have to lose. The first few tries at this form of meditation were, to be completely honest, unsuccessful. I did not have the necessary patience to go through it. But as they say, practice makes perfect, and I gradually started to see the positive effects. The most prevalent fact being that I was much more at peace and felt a sense of constant calm, surprisingly even when I was not meditating. I was able to focus more and clear all the unnecessary clutter that had clogged up my mind. It became a lot easier for me to manage my daily routine and academics as I was now much more organized and could manage my time properly too. I also liked the fact that this form of meditation is very approachable in the sense there are few rigorous rules like other forms of meditation. In conclusion, I am extremely glad I came across this form of meditation as it has been beneficial in ways I could never imagine.

Anvita Reddy

Meditation is used by people of many religious traditions to fill their minds with the sense of the sacred as they understand it. Today, I’m going to discuss AMMA’s MaOm meditation technique. To be honest, I have never attempted meditation before in my life. I’ve never felt compelled or motivated to do it. Many folks recommended me to try it and see what happened. I was aware of the procedure but had no idea where to begin. But I’ve recently been under a lot of stress. Just by practising to hear these simple syllables ‘MA’ when I inhale and ‘OM’ when I exhale has already made a significant difference in my life. However, at first, it merely gave me the gratification of having accomplished something in the name of meditation, but over time, I’ve noticed an increase in my positive energy and decreased stress levels. I start focusing on my breaths when I sit down and close my eyes. I sit in stillness, trying to be aware of my thoughts. Every time I see the utter chaos my mind experiences as if I’m worried about every small thing in the world. I try to trace every thought back to its source and figure out why I think the way I do. I also realised that after around 10 weeks of meditation sessions, I can control and lessen my anxiety, which I’ve been dealing with for years. It benefited me in a way that allows me to unwind after a long day. This process necessitates a person to train their mind and change their state of consciousness. I fully feel that incorporating a mindfulness practise into my life has the ability to improve my entire existence. It has positively affected my ability to process my emotions and improve my mood. I don’t say meditation solved my problems. It has nothing to do with what I was going through, but it is assisting me with remaining calm in tight situations and thinking from alternative viewpoints. As Amma says “Through our self- effort and with alterness, we can bring out the knowledge within us”.


Namasivaya, myself Annapoorna from S4-CSE AI. So, I have been a part of the Amrita family since my schooling and I know how important it is to incorporate meditation in our daily lives. I have been practising meditation since high school and for me, meditation is a great way to take time for myself. Meditation is one of the best introspection tools out there as it allows me to tap into the powers of my subconscious mind. Being able to control my mind and emotions really helped me in a lot of ways. One of the most important powers we have as humans is the Power of attention. Meditation is the training of attention, the training of mind Until you can control your mind, you are more or less slave of the internal contents of your mind. Having meditation included in the curriculum and practising it on a daily basis was such a game changer. It allowed me to experience love, peace and stillness that is within myself It helps to defocus from the turmoil of the surroundings by taking the attention away from the world outside and focusing it within. Between such tightly packed classes, assignments and struggles to make both ends meet, it is crucial to slow things down and clear the mind and meditation is the best means for doing that. Meditation has helped me to concentrate and focus, to lower stress levels and to have a positive outlook on life. As I progressed in the practice of meditation, I found stability and calmness and experienced a sense of inner refreshment and joy. Here’s what I have to share to all of you guys: Racing thoughts can be stressful and eventually take a toll on your life. A consistent meditation practice can help calm your mind and do much more for your overall health. It gives me the power to fight with everyday tasks. And I would definitely suggest you do it.

Gowri Prasad

Namah shivaya This is Gowri Prasad from EEE department I am here to talk on Ma-Om mediation and how it helped me in my life Meditation is a breathing technique that helps us achieve one of the most beautiful moments of life, peace, and silence. Peace of mind is the real wealth says Amma. We all try to achieve it. Someday, I feel very stressed due to academic works. I tried various techniques to overcome it. One thing that helped me was Ma-Om mediation. It became a part of my routine. Every morning I start my day by meditating. I was fascinated on how my body reacted it. My confidence boosted up, anxiety got reduced, I felt stress free, my skin started glowing, my eyes had so much shine that it looked into positive aspects of life. I sincerely recommend everyone to do Ma-Om mediation. Thank you for listening Namah shivaya


Namah Shivaya My self is Arya from EEE Department Amrita’s MAOM meditation is a successful mere trial in tuning one’s inner universe. Upon many types of research being done in the field of spiritual balancing our priority of meditation has taken a vital role to purify and quiet the mind, thus helping us to rejuvenate the body. levels being practised during MAOM meditation sessions took us to each level of self-perfection by introducing us to the part that is missing. Through the journey of MAOM sessions till date, I could re-energize myself which I lost in the pandemic period. The legitimate goal of our practice is to make thoughts stop controlling one own-selves advancement and proceed with clear Chakra

John K Giju

First of all ,I like to express my sincere gratitude towards Amrita school of biotechnology for giving me this fabulous opportunity to present my views about our meditation session. As we all know most of our classmates are staying far away from their natives, homes-away from their comfortable zones .They are still trying to build their stable nests here. We all are facing stress and fear about coming end semester exams .Our mind is keep trying to get freed from its own personal demons. We are still fighting go forward with a healthy mental condition. In this bursting scenario, having a meditation session every Tuesday every week is like a cool rain in the middle of the summer which have the power to dig deep into our mind and to flow the river of freshness into it. From the point of closing our eyes to opening it ,the session take us through an another dimension where our fear detaches from our mental consciousness and give us the power to listen to the voices of nature. The day, the energy we get and the focus we acquire is limitless. My request for you guys is to practice meditation daily. Students in our age group are going through many conditions which can make us to fall into the deep pit of depression. Meditation can help you for an extend to get away from such a condition. So practice meditation and imbibe the fruit of result. Be the painter of your own life and make that art wonderful. Thankyou

Kinger Neha

Namah shivaya I am kinger Neha from S4, Bcom I am here to share my experience with meditation which happened in the last 2 semesters. It all started in the pandemic period. When we were having online classes Initially, I was not able to concentrate because of thoughts coming into my mind, but with patient practice I was able to make it up. Later, we went to offline mode and we had classes every day, one after the other. I was rushing and completing the work but when it comes to that, one hour in the whole week is meditation. I was observing my body, breath And I could really feel the oxygen and co2 while I was breathing And there was a kind of happiness and peace, a grateful feeling towards many things I can’t say more because that is something you should experience. If you want to know the sweetness of honey, you should taste it rather than someone telling you the taste. So try meditating on yourselves if you want to connect with yourself. Namah shivaya

M. V. Sai Adithya

Namaha Shivaya, I am M V Sai Aditya from the 4th semester pursuing my B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering. Today am here to share few points on how Meditation has helped me in various aspects of my life, Being a student of the 2020 Batch, the most difficult part was the transition from Online to Offline classes, it was a sudden increase in the amount of stress and pressure. Everything seemed really difficult to cope up with, To overcome these adversities, Meditation played a major role. Meditation helped me regain my concentration levels, it helped me in increasing my retention capacity, handle my stress effectively and ultimately I could see myself being more productive in my day to day activities. The subtle increase in the awareness which is a result of continuous meditation acts as a key to all the multitude problems of our life. If done in an honest manner, Meditation can result to be the most efficacious option to any problem. It helps us maintain not only our mental stability but also our psychological and emotional states. According to me Meditation will definitely play a crucial rule for the current youth to help them tackle the various range of problems they face and it will also ensure their overall progress in the right direction. Namaha Shivaya

Madhav Ramanathan

Namah shivaya. I am Madhav Ramanathan from s4 Btech ECE A. Today I’m here to talk about how meditation has helped me in my personal and professional life. How can staying idle in a position doing nothing be useful . This is how I felt before starting meditation. But after practicing meditation .I realised the difference. My focus and awareness had increased. I was more aware of what I was doing in the present moment rather than dream about the future or relive the past. I think this is a very important thing for everyone today. We are always in this continuously moving rat race, full of stress and pressure. We don’t understand how to deal with such problems.. Sometimes we are mindless, we don’t even know why we’re doing what we are doing. In a professional environment I’ve noticed how being focused in a distracted world is a superpower. We become more mindful of each and every thing we do. Our clumsiness reduces and we become calm in this chaotic world. In my personal life I’ve noticed that because of meditation I’m more empathetic, more patient and my stress levels remain low. I focus only on the task ahead and this way each and every thing I do I can do it as good as possible.


MaOM meditation has helped me in various sectors of my life. And in no time it has brought in so much of change in me. The changes that are quite visible in my life are : | have become more focused and efficient in academics, | have become more calm and composed that allows me to handle my near and dear one’s relationships, | have become more patient and can listen to other people, etc. And all these were an output of my emotional health. | can only thank and be grateful for this beautiful opportunity. Thank you!

Pavithra PM Nair

It’s been a few months since I started practising meditation, both during the meditation session conducted during class as well as on my own. Initially, I was sceptical about it, whether it was worth the time and if I was actually seeing any practical results. But I decided that like all things I should at least be patient enough and give it a few weeks before I pass any judgment. So I set aside 15 minutes during the day to just close my eyes and sit idle. As much as I would’ve liked to do it every day, I often forgot or would be lazy after a long day at college. Apart from the session conducted at college, I would practice the meditation 2 times by myself in the hostel. At first, sitting idle for 15 minutes, which sounded easy, was quite difficult. My mind would often wander and I would feel fidgety. I would get the urge to check my phone. It was the opposite of relaxing. Nevertheless, I continued with it, and slowly it became a routine. Once I dedicated some time to it in the morning, I started being able to practice it more regularly. The duration that I could sit at a time became longer. At first I barely even hit the 2-minute mark but after a few weeks of practice, I could sit peacefully for nearly 10 minutes. I have grown to love meditation as it clears my mind and makes me more self-aware. I feel mentally and physically more relaxed and ready to take on the challenges of the day. I have noticed a significant positive change in my mood and found that I’m less reactive. In situations where I would usually be angry, I am able to think rationally and make more educated decisions. As someone who struggles with overthinking, I’ve found that I spend less time overanalysing past mistakes or worrying about the future. I’m able to focus and enjoy the present moment. The past few months have been a new experience for me. Moving from online to offline mode of a college education has been a complete game-changer. For the first time in my life, I was living without my parents in a new state. It was all so unfamiliar and intimidating. I couldn’t have started the meditation practice at a better time. This is something that has now become an important part of my life and I am very grateful to Sriram sir for teaching and guiding us through it.

R. Sree Virajitha

It’s been a few months since I started practising meditation on my own. Initially, I was not able to concentrate or interested in doing meditation so I didn’t have any thought of implementing this in my schedule. But later on, after watching my roommates doing this regularly, I decided to give it a try. Initially I set 10 min a day to close my eyes and sit idle on the floor. It sounded easy and interesting initially but as time passed, I felt back pain within 5 min and I really felt uncomfortable. So, I skipped doing meditation for next two days. But we have to be patient to get the result so again I tried to do this again from the beginning and following instructions given by Malini mam. For first few days I concentrated on my posture so, I shifted to doing the same meditation on chair. I really felt comfortable with my posture and now I tried to concentrate on my thoughts. My mind would often wander and I would feel impatient. But as mam told that mind is like a little kid who can’t be idle for a long time, I really tried to be patient with my thoughts and increased my time of practising to 15 min a day. I continued practising and slowly it became a routine. I devoted some time to it in the evening, I started to practice it more regularly. The duration that I could sit at a time became longer. At first, I barely even tried to do meditation for 10minute but after a few weeks of practice, I adapted my posture and tried to control my thoughts for 15 minutes. I feel mentally and physically more relaxed. After doing this regularly I really felt some positive energy within me and started thinking positively and tried my best to be as calm as possible in maximum of situations. As I’m having my exams in this month this meditation helps me a lot to reveal my stress and make my mind peaceful. I am really glad that I didn’t give up initially as I didn’t observe any results and now, I understood the importance of meditation in our daily lives irrespective of age. I am very grateful to Malini mam for advising us from the beginning.


After having a stressful day at the campus, I’m usually tired, super sleepy and I don’t have the energy to go on with the rest of our day so, that’s where MAOM meditation comes in. we have MAOM meditation once a week, usually on Wednesdays and on that day before the meditation hour we usually have two hours of classes , so usually the energy exhausted during those classes is revitalized after the meditation hour .I feel refreshed and re energized after doing the meditation , our body is like a computer system once in a while even the system needs a reboot and MAOM meditation is just like that a reboot for our body.

Saipriya Sriram

This semester when the offline classes started we had the opportunity to learn Ma Om meditation at Amrita School of Biotechnology. We were introduced through a gradual step-by-step process to this meditation technique. We learned to first relax the body and then focus on our breathing. I noticed that focussing on breathing was a very effective way to make my mind more calm and focused. We learnt to infuse the sounds Ma and Om into our breathing which enabled the mind not only to relax but also to get spiritually recharged. We are grateful for this opportunity to learn this powerful yet simple meditation technique born out of the divine resolve of Mata Amritanandamayi Devi. Amma often says that meditation is as precious as gold. We are grateful for this golden opportunity to learn meditation at a time when we face a lot of stress and anxiety due to exams, assignments, projects etc. I’m sure that practicing meditation will help us face many challenges throughout our lives.

Sreelekshmi Vijay

“Through our self-effort and alertness, we can bring out the knowledge within us.” -AMMA I, being a student of Amrita who got into the college during the pandemic period had to take online classes for almost one and half years. Being away locked out from the people I care about and enjoy spending time with was something that affected me the most. Getting into college life was something I waited for a long time, but it is shattered to a small extent by covid took a toll on my thought process. The sudden change in the academic lifestyle that I had been brought up with along with the increase in the academic curriculum of a college student has had a serious effect on my mental health. During the stressed -filled compact time table scheduled we were introduced to a meditation class to help us reduce our stress. Although the classes were once a week, it helped me a lot to bring peace to my mind. The ma om meditation held by Deepthi Ma’am and Gayatri ma’am was a really wonderful experience that me as a student of amrita could have. It helped me soothe my mind from the hectic schedules and inspired me to look into different meditation methods in my free time. Thank You

Sreepriya S

During the first phase of my online classes, I was going through one of the hardest patches of my life like any other online student. Stress, anxiety, fear everything was bothering me. I could not concentrate on my classes for so long or focus on my studies. Nothing actually excited me and I lost interest in everything that I do. It was during my second semester of online classes we started to have the meditation session, at first it didn’t excite me, but I decided to give it a try. For the first few weeks I did not feel anything new or experienced no change and the worst part was that I could not sit focused at a place for more than five minutes without anxiety or other thoughts. After a few more weeks things started to change gradually, I got interested in the sessions and was able to focus more. I started to get the essence of meditation. During the offline meditation session, I could sit down for a longer time without getting distracted and I could relax my mind as well as my body. I had the feeling that I was not the body, but rather the spirit who had come to earth to explore and grow. For the first time I could control my thoughts and feel vibrations around me. Prior to meditation, the clarity of one’s views about life is hazy, and everything appears disorganized. Life appeared to be more perplexing and difficult before this meditation, but things have drastically changed after then. It’s like taking a step back and looking at the situation from a different perspective. We are only unable to cope with stress when we become overly engaged in it. Meditation assists us or transports us to a peaceful universe. I’ve gotten more seasoned and better at meditating after each session. Meditation, in my opinion, is an act of sitting back and observing my mind and body, which helps my mind feel much more calm, satisfied, and serene. All the stress and anxiety that was accumulated in my mind get washed out after a 30-minute meditation session. It not only helped me out mentally but also helped me to relax and calm my body physically. It has also aided me emotionally, as I am now able to respond to my emotional rollercoaster in a more balanced manner. So, some of the benefits of meditation include more patience, enhanced capacity to concentrate and focus, higher quality sleep, and, most significantly, a knowledge that how I interpret what happens in my life is all up to me. So, I’m glad for meditation practice since it has improved my mental, physical, and emotional well-being, as well as helped me stay grounded and maintain inner peace. This practice has transformed my life, and life would be more hectic and demanding without it.


Ma Om meditation MA OM meditation is a simple meditation technique that i have been using since the start of this semester. this technique was really helpful when | was feeling down and borderline depressed. Just dedicating 20 minutes of my day to practice this technique helped me feel better and become more enthusiastic. Moreover it has also helped me become more organised and live on a fixed schedule. Which in turn helped me fall asleep at the right time, meaning that i stay alert and attentive during classes. If anything, I’d recommend using this technique as i am certainly Happier than i was before

Sumesh Shenoy

Namah Shivaya all, The name is Sumesh Shenoy from EEE department, Here to talk on Ma Om meditation, my personal experiences and its impact in the life of students. Ma Om Meditation has made a significant impact on my life. After practicing the meditation, I started to feel sudden bursts of happiness and over a period. I started having intrinsic motivations to study and propagate through the hurdles in my life. I started to lose the fear of sufferings which in turn made me keep my instinct of self-preservation down. In other words, my mind opened beyond what I usually can think of and out of the box thoughts were flowing through. A smile came to my face after meditating and a totally refreshing outlook on my life was in my vicinity. For Students like myself, such a meditation session is a great requirement. To be able to come up with new ideas for projects or to solve problems faced by the society, a diverse and open mind is required. This state of mind can be achieved through Ma Om meditation. The Mantras really enable and train our minds to be able to focus in numerous situations of day to day life. I am really humbled to have the opportunity to learn this technique. I thank Our Chancellor Amma, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi for creating such an incredible yet simple tool for the society. Thank you for listening to my words. Namah Shivaya

V. Avanthika Kurup

Hi, I am V Avanthika Kurup of S2 Int MSc Physics. I am being overwhelmed with heavy burden of offline classes, journey and early wake up after a long period of stay at home and online classes. But when I pass through this MA OH meditation, I felt very relaxed, energetic and I am rejuvenated. I got a lot of physical, emotional and intellectual benefits through this sacred MA OH meditation. I would like to learn more and more about this because this is more beneficial for me. I gain a new perspective on stressful situations, build up skills to manage my stress, increased self-awareness and I am able to focus on present and future, able to reduce negative emotions, increased my imagination and creativity, increased my patience and tolerance, lowered my heartrate and blood pressure and also improved my sleep quality. Daily meditation helps me to perform better at work, clear my mind and gives me a huge productive boost.

V. Sai Sarath Babu

Namah Shivaya. Hi everyone myself V. Sai Sarath Babu from (B-Tech) S2CSED. I am here to share my experience on MAOM. MAOM Meditation bought a good impact. In my 1st class I took it easy and lite I was careless. Once when I have started doing I have observed a lot of difference with and without doing meditation in my day. At starting it was little tough to sit calm and quite for a long time. It was a heavy task for me to sit in one posture without moveing for an hour. After doing meditation I felt very peace and observed that working speed like being active and keeping concentration. Sometimes I felt asleep. And observed backpain, and noticed falling forward or sides. I was observing my body, and the process of breathing in and breathing out. And could feel different feeling when I was breathing in and breathing out. I felt verry happy, relaxed and peace. I tried to make it a daily habit of doing at least for 10min in the early morning. I skipped sometimes but tried to do in some other time. And finally made it a habitat. I suggest everyone of you to do Meditation and make it a daily habit I definitely tell that this is the best method to get relaxed or tension free. And now its your time and turn to experience it and feel it. So that you can also experience the original feeling rather than hearing. I Thank Bena mam who made me experience and Deepumol mam for the support and help. Thank You. Namah Shivaya.

Vani R.

Namah Shivaya, As any other student who started college life online even I had a lot of stress, overthinking and anxiety due to very less or nil human interaction. Being at home and working all the time felt so robotic. The loneliness would get the better of me. That was when we were introduced about MAOM meditation in 2nd semester. Even though it was conducted online it helped me to have some peace of mind. After offline classes started it got even better. Our session being on Monday morning helped to me clear out my mind and have a fresh start for the week. I found it very easy to practice and perfect for beginners who want to get the essence of meditation. Besides meditating, at every session we’d receive valuable advices and tips to keep a positive mindset. Namah Shivaya.

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