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Maneesha V. RameshDr. Maneesha V. Ramesh,Director, AmritaWNA
Qualification: Ph. D.
Areas of Interest: Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Networks, Adaptive Algorithms, System Architecture Development, Disaster Management Applications.
Email: maneesha@am.amrita.edu
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P. Venkat RanganDr. P. Venkat Rangan
Vice Chancellor
Qualification: Ph. D.
Areas of Interest: Multimedia, Wireless Sensor Network
Email: venkat@amrita.edu
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Nirmala VasudevanDr. Nirmala Vasudevan
Associate Professor
Qualification: Ph. D.
Areas of Interest: Landslides, Neutrino Phenomenology,; Supersymmetry and Grand Unification
Email: nirmalav@am.amrita.edu
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Mr. Anand RamachandranDr. Anand Ramachandran
Qualification: Ph. D. , Electrical and Computer Engineering
Areas of Interest: Low Power Design, Reliable Computing Embedded Systems and Applications for the Benefit of Mankind .
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Seshaiah PonnekantiDr. Seshaiah Ponnekanti
Adjunct Professor
Qualification: Ph. D. in Electronics Engineering
Email: spuk07@aol.com
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Dr. Ushakumari P. ADr. Ushakumari P. V.
Associate Professor
Qualification: Ph. D.
Areas of Interest: Probability Theory, Stochastic Process.
Email: usha@am.amrita.edu
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 K. A. Unnikrishna MenonMr. K. A. Unnikrishna Menon
Qualification: PG in Physics with Electronics as special subject.
Areas of Interest: Electronic Acoustic, Sensor Design development and Evaluation, SONAR antenna design& field implementation, Sensor for under water Communication, Research and Development in Project management, Techno- Mechanical .
Email: kaumenon@amritapuri.amrita.edu
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 Balaji HariharanMr. Balaji Hariharan
Associate Professor
Qualification: M.S.
Areas of Interest:Multimedia,Video Codecs, Video Streaming,IPTV,Wireless Networks
Email: balajih@am.amrita.edu
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Mr. Sethuraman RaoMr. Sethuraman Rao
Associate Professor
Qualification:M. Tech. , Computer Science.
Email: sethuramanrao@am.amrita.edu
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Dr. Kalyan Sasidhar P. SDr. Kalyan Sasidhar P. S.
Assistant Professor
Qualification:Ph. D. in Computer Science
Areas of Interest:Pervasive computing, Context aware computing
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Dr. Prasant MohapatraDr. Prasant Mohapatra
Adjunct Faculty
Qualification: Ph. D.
Areas of Interest: Wireless networks, sensor networks, Internet protocols and QoS.
Email: pmohapatra@ucdavis.edu
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Dr. NagabhushanDr. Nagabhushan
Vice President
Qualcomm Wireless MIMO Communication Systems


Dr. Maarten van SteenDr. Maarten van Steen
Scientific Director of University of Twente’s CTIT research Institute,
University of Twente, Amsterdam
Course: Distributed Networks
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Dr. Dilip KrishnaswamyDr. Dilip Krishnaswamy
Senior Researcher, IBM Research Labs, Bangalore, India
Course: 3G & 4G Networks
Email: dilip1@gmail.com


Dr. Balakrishna PrabhakaranDr. Balakrishna Prabhakaran
School of Engineering and Computer Science,
University of Texas at Dallas