B. Sc. Echocardiography Technology is an Undergraduate Program offered by Amrita Center for Allied Health Sciences.

Current management of various cardiac disorders includes complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, which involve use of various equipment, computer hard ware, tools, machines, and pharmacological agents.

Handling of this equipment as well as their regular maintenance requires advanced and focused knowledge of the scientific principles on which the tests and equipments function.

Proper training is mandatory for imparting hands-on skill in using these equipments correctly and safely. 

Correct interpretation of images obtained by these techniques needs scientific knowledge and clinical correlation. The personnel who carry out these responsibilities also must have adequate knowledge of the structure and function of the human body, especially the cardiovascular system. Optimal delivery of cardiovascular health care is based on the safe use of the equipments and devices. This necessitates development of a cadre consisting of science graduates, who obtain focused, relevant knowledge in this specific area of cardiovascular echocardiography technology through theoretic learning as well as supervised practical hands-on training.

An echocardiology technologist uses high frequency sound waves to create pictures of the human heart and identify possible medical problems. He/She is also known as a cardiovascular sonographer, uses ultrasound technology to create images of the human heart and measure its performance. Echocardiology technicians work with cardiologists to diagnose and treat problems associated with the heart and peripheral blood vessels. 

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