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D. M. in Cardiac Anesthesia is a doctoral program offered by the Amrita School of Medicine. DM Cardiac Anaesthesia course is designed to train candidates in the principles and practice of Cardiac anesthesia and intensive care and also to function as faculty/consultant in Cardiac anesthesia along with perioperative, intensive care and pain management. 

Aim and Objectives of the Course

The aim of the course is to impart thorough and comprehensive training to the candidate in the various aspects of this specialty to enable him/her

  • To function as a member of faculty/consultant in the specialty 
  • To carry out and to help in conducting applied research in the field of cardiac anesthesia 
  • To plan and to set-up independent cardiac anaesthesia unit catering to cardiothoracic vascular surgery and intensive cardiac care and Cath Lab. 

Teaching Methods

During the period of training candidates follow in-service rotation residency programme. He/She works as senior resident and is given gradually increasing responsibility of independently managing simple cardiac operations, decision making in intensive care management, Cath Lab investigative procedures and various intensive monitoring. The day-to-day work of the trainees will be supervised by the consultant of the department of cardiac anesthesiology. The posting is so designed that the trainee gets posted in various areas of the department, including operation theatre, postoperative ICU, Intensive coronary care unit, Cath. Lab, echo room, and cardiothoracic surgery department. Purpose of rotation in Cardiac Surgery is to understand overall patient management and to develop and improve perspective on Cardiac Anaesthesia Services. He or she will be learning invasive cardiovascular diagnostic and therapeutic procedures done in Cath Lab and emergency services from viewpoint of Cardiac Anaesthesia. The Trainee will participate in regular Joint preoperative Meetings and discussions with Cardiac Surgeons, Cardiologists, Pediatricians, Physiotherapists, Nurses and Physicians for better patient management. Besides this a programme for invasive monitoring demonstrations, seminars, workshops, journal club will also be organized. In addition, soft skills: working in team, communication skills, leadership skills, ethics, techniques of documentation and knowledge of medico legal aspects will also be required to develop.

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