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Program Overview

Prepare for a career in MCA

Master of Computer Applications (MCA) emphasizes on the design and application of information systems and provides a solid background in business functions and Information Technology and covers latest developments in areas where commerce and computing and in general, applications and technology blend together successfully and define the state of art.

MCA students acquire strength in principles, concepts and foundations of computer science, information technology and various applications. They would also have extensive programming / software development experience over a wide variety of platforms / applications. The curriculum has explicitly identified lab components for every course that discusses the principles with an implementation component.

The course is well balanced with significant emphasis on planning, designing and building complex commercial application software and system software. The application areas include transaction processing (such as banking, stock exchange order processing), simulation, database management, e-commerce, networking, embedded technologies, bioinformatics etc. This MCA programme is not only a complete professional grooming for students for a successful career in the IT industry, but also, provides value-based education through a system of wholesome learning.

Important Note

Amritapuri Application is closed


Semester I
Course Code Course Title L T P Cr
20CSA501 Object Oriented Programming Using Java 3 0 1 4
20MAT504 Mathematical Foundations for Computer Applications I 3 1 0 4
20CSA502 Advanced Operating Systems 3 0 0 3
20CSA503 Advanced Computer Networks 3 0 1 4
20CSA504 Python Programming 2 0 1 3
20CSA505 Advanced DBMS 3 0 1 4
18CUL501 Cultural Education P/F
Total 22


Semester II
Course Code Course Title L T P Cr
20CSA511 Data structures and Algorithms 3 1 0 4
20CSA512 Advanced Web Technologies and Mean Stack 3 0 1 4
20MAT514 Mathematical Foundations for computer Applications II 3 0 0 3
20CSA513 Data mining and Applications 3 0 1 4
Elective-I 3 0 0 3
Elective-II 3 0 0 3
20CSA514 Research Methodologies and Case Study 1 1 0 2
20CSA581 Data Structures and Algorithms Lab 0 0 1 1
Total 24


Semester III
Course Code Course Title L T P Cr
20CSA601 Machine Learning 3 0 1 4
20CSA602 Software Engineering and Design Patterns 3 0 0 3
Elective III 3 0 0 3
Elective IV 3 0 0 3
Elective V 2 0 1 3
20CSA681 IoT and Cloud Lab 0 0 1 1
Open Lab 0 0 1 1
20CSA698 Dissertation Phase I 4
Total 22


Semester IV
Course Code Course Title L T P Cr
20CSA699 Dissertation Phase II 12
Total 12
Total= 80


Selection (Amritapuri)

The candidates have to go through an Interview process which tests their knowledge in Computer Science, mathematical and communication skills

Duration of the Course – 2 Years

How To Apply

Registration for admission 2022 is fully online. Candidates are required to have their recent photograph, online payment credentials, etc. to be ready to complete the online application process.
Application fee of Rs. 750/-

The NRI applicants please email to and not be applied through the website.

Management Quota option in Amrita Online Application Portal (AOAP)
‘Candidates can also submit the option in Step 2 of the application process, in case if they wish to be considered under management quota.’

Fee Structure

Program Fees for the year 2022-2023
Fee Type Slab Number of Seats Fees (Semester Wise)
Scholarship Fees 1 6 ₹ 20,000
Scholarship Fees 2 12 ₹ 30,000
Regular Fees 3 42 ₹ 40,000
College Caution Deposit  –  ₹ 3,000
Hostel & Mess Fees
Hostel Fees Annual INR 24,000/-
Mess Fees Annual INR 39,900/-
Caution Deposit One Time INR 5,000/-

Subject to Change*

Fee Structure ( Semester wise)
  • Tuition Fee: 51,400
  • Caution Deposit: 2000

Note: # DOES NOT include expenses for food, travel, accommodation for Field and Study Trips, participation in events and conferences, programmes / competitions, Internships, Portfolio Presentation and Printing booklet, Special Internship, Placement Trips, Projects / Dissertation, excursion, etc. subject to change whenever required.

Scholarship Scheme

SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME (at the time of admission) is offered for all courses (except Ph.D.)

  • Scheme 1 – Applicants having above 95% marks in the qualifying examination: 50% concession in Tuition Fees
  • Scheme 2 – Applicants having marks between 90% and 94% in the qualifying examination: 40% concession in Tuition Fees
  • Scheme 3 – Applicants having marks between 80% and 89% in the qualifying examination: 30% concession in Tuition Fee


 Fees for the year 2022-2023
Fee Type Slab Seats(%) Fees(Year Wise)
Scholarship Fees 1 5% ₹ 52,500
Scholarship Fees 2 6% ₹ 78,750
Regular Fees 3 89% ₹1,05,000
College Caution Deposit  –  ₹ 3000


  • % of Seats based on Total admissions per course
  • Scholarship for 1st year students will be awarded based on the academic performance in both semesters (Odd and Even).
  •  For example – First year student will get scholarship benefit in second year.
  •   Scholarship will be renewed on request in subsequent years on consistent academic performance by securing a Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) of
    •  9.5 and above for 5% Students (% of Seats based on total admissions per course)
    •  9.0 and above for 6% Students (% of Seats based on total admissions per course) in each semester without any arrear at any point of time.

Eligibility Norm 1:
Candidates who have passed B.E or B.Tech are eligible for MCA admission.

Eligibility Norm 2:
Candidates who have passed B.Sc in Computer Science/BCA is also eligible for admission.

Eligibility Norm 3:
Candidates who have passed B.Sc with Mathematics as one of the subjects are eligible for admission

Eligibility Norm 4:
Candidates who have passed B.A/ B.Sc/ B.Com/ any other degree with Mathematics as one of the subjects in Class 12th are eligible for admission in MCA course.

Refund Policy

Facilities at a glance

  • Central Library
  • Hostel Accomodation
  • Sports Facilites
  • Banking Facilities
  • Transport
  • Medical Services
  • Canteen
  • General Store
  • ICTS
  • Reprographic Facility
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