Neuroelectrophysiology is a fast developing field in medical science. It operates at the crossing of neurosciences, cellular engineering and signal processing. This is the first and only masters programme in the field of neurotechnology in India. This course enables the neurotechniologist to perform and interpret electrophysiology procedures. The students will acquire skills to assess the patient and plan various electrodiagnostic 
procedures and implement them.

Exclusiveness of the course

The students will have hands on training in 

  • Intraoperative monitoring ( Including direct cortical stimulation , Eloquent cortex mapping, central sulcus mapping , SSEP, MEP, Electrocorticography, Cranial nerve monitoring , NAP studies, Root monitoring , etc)

  • Extraoperative eloquent cortex mapping
  • Sleep studies
  • Autonomic function tests
  • Presurgical evaluation of epilepsy 
  • EEG (including Neonatal and long term monitoring)
  • Nerve conduction studies, Electromyogram, Visual evoked potential, Brainstem auditory evoked potential, Somatosensory evoked potential.

They will be trained to do a research project which will be an added advantage for pursuing higher studies, research and employment opportunities.

Employment opportunities

As neuroelectrophysiology is an integral part of neurology, the neurotechnologists are highly in demand in all hospitals. Easily placements with high remuneration are available for the neurotechnicians. Amrita 
neurotechnologists have high placement records in International hospitals ( USA, UK, Canada, Middle East) etc and is highly in demand Nationwide. There is also ample scope for neurotechnologists to pursue higher studies, research and doctorate in our institution.

You can join this program at
Postgraduate (PG)
Center for Allied Health Sciences