The growth in infrastructure requirements has posed a critical need of qualified Structural as well as Construction Engineers. The aim of this program is to impart advanced fundamental concepts related to mechanics and dynamics of the structures. These coupled with courses related to recent developments in construction materials and technologies will impart cutting edge design methodologies and implementation strategies of various infrastructure facilities. Curriculum is periodically updated based on the requirements from the industries and feedback from alumni.


Blend of exposure to strong theoretical foundation, practical design & construction approaches through adequate computational, analytical and execution skill development.  

Program designed for

  • students preparing for the challenges of industry or research
  • industry professionals seeking to advance their careers
  • establishing balance between academic essentials and industry requirements

Facilities & Infrastructure:

  • Dedicated faculty who can guide through the academics and research
  • State-of-the art Laboratories
  • Well stocked central library provide perfect ambiance for academic excellence
  • Digital library provide access to all the top journals across the globe

Special training:

  • Apart from class room teaching, technical sessions with subject specialists are made available through online classes and video conferencing.
  • Special courses to improve the competence in Technical Communication, Soft Skills etc.
  • Centre for Corporate Relations & Placement provides placement opportunities (link to web page).
  • Courses equip the students to get employed in Government, private corporations, public sector undertakings, teaching and/or research institutions.


  • Students are encouraged to participate in workshops and conferences.
  • Projects are focused on thrust areas and students are encouraged to publish their research works in reputed journals and conferences.

Eligibility Criteria :

  • B.E/B.Tech Degree in Civil Engineering with minimum 60% marks or equivalent grade.

Wholesome learning:

Amrita not only provides quality education but also quality living through:

  • Cultural education & Counseling system - help the students in decision making
  • Extension & Social Activities- students get a chance to involve in the service activities  
  • Yoga training – enable students to handle stressful situations.
  • Clean and green campus - provides Serenity.



Core Courses Electives (Partial)
Linear Algebra, Legendre Equations and Numerical Methods Mechanics of Composite Materials
Advanced Structural Mechanics Smart Materials and Structures
Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity Advanced Concrete Technology
Advanced Structural Design Construction Methods & Equipment
Advanced Structural Design Structural Dynamics
Construction Project Management Theory of Plates & Shells
Experimental Techniques Stability of Structures
Finite Element Analysis Industrial Structures
Advanced Construction Practices Bridge Engineering
Advanced Foundation Systems Prefabrication Engineering
Structural Design Studio System Integration in Construction
Construction Software Laboratory Quality Control & Safety in Construction
Technical Communication Pre-stressed Concrete Design
Industrial Seminar Design of Offshore Structures
Dissertation Analysis and Design for Wind and Earthquake Forces
  Pavement Analysis and Design
  Forensic Engineering and Rehabilitation of Structures
  Geotechnics for Infrastructure
  Sustainable Design & Construction Practices
  Construction Economics & Finance
  Optimization of Techniques and Engineering
  Characterization of Materials
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