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Master of Public Health Program at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center, Cochin, Kerala, India is designed to meet the healthcare needs of people. This being a full-time program can be completed in two full years. This is a new venture of Amrita “deemed to be University”  and we are committed to make this course of global standard. It is a 24 month full time course and has been designed to build an understanding, knowledge, skills and attitude for better public health practice and research. The standards and syllabus are at par with the renowned international and national universities.

All students receive a sound education in the core six suites-

  1. Epidemiology
  2. Biostatistics,
  3. Public health biology.
  4. Environmental & occupational health,
  5. Social and Behavioural science,
  6. Health Economics and Health care  and health  system management.

In all classes which are mandatory, the emphasis is on the relevancy of information and skills to public health practice.

The most important one and the most advantageous and key area   in the course is the Applied Learning Experience (ALE), a self-designed field study during the course.

It lets students integrate what they have learned into a real-world public health problem in a community-based setting.

Course Duration
Master of Public Health Two years

Aims and Objectives of the Course


The Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) program mission is the education and training of students within a course of study that promotes an understanding of the theoretical, scientific, and practical aspects of public health.

The objectives of the Master of Public Health program are:

  1. To equip students to have an overall perspective on public health
  2. To create good program managers in public health
  3. To inculcate interdisciplinary approach to problem solving skills in public health
  4. To encourage interdisciplinary research in public health
  5. To improve leadership skills in public health.
  6. To prepare students to tackle current and emerging global public health problems such as pandemic flu, AIDS, bioterrorism, obesity, diabetes, disparities in access to healthcare, and many other critical public health problems.
  7. To recognize and make the student understand that in today’s world, a thorough and rigorous public health education must embrace multiple areas viz: biostatistics, environmental health, epidemiology, health services administration, social and behavioral sciences, biological sciences, ethics, information technology, health policy and law in health.
  8. To have an in depth field experience that serves as a capstone project that helps students integrate knowledge across courses.

Career Opportunities for MPH Graduates

Graduates of this program typically enter services as public health administrators, advisors, managers, researchers, practitioners, educators, and consultants in a wide variety of public health  and NGO  and international agencies. Many serve as health educators or health promotion specialists in business, industry, higher education, voluntary agencies, government, and private health care settings. 

Program Highlights

  1. Competency based
  2. Specially designed to develop leadership, communication and problem solving skills(ALE)
  3. Positioned for true integration of public health science and practice  (ALE)
  4. Additional certifications as per the students’ choices
  5. Includes 3 practicums and capstone project to give real  experience before graduation
  6. Individualized Goals Analysis of each student
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