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Sustainability Initiative (Amrita and Deakin University, Australia)

School: School of Business Coimbatore

Project Incharge:Manoj P.
Sustainability Initiative (Amrita and Deakin University, Australia)

This lab is set up between the Amrita School of Business and Centre for Sustainable and Responsible Organisations (CSARO) of Deakin University , Australia to conduct Business research in India, especially with focus on Corporate and Social Responsibility and related issues. Some of the research includes:

  • To create a database of the top 500 sustainable businesses in India in order to better understand and promote long-term sustainable and responsible organisational behaviour.
  • To develop research collaborations with suitable international partners from government, industry and community.
  • To encourage research by MBA students by providing funding for CSR related projects.
  • To organize Conferences and Seminars to promote Sustainable practices

As part of this project, researchers from Amrita University regularly travel to Deakin University to engage with experts from Australia.

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