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Amrita Center for International Programs (ACIP) Scholarships for International PhD Students  

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Amrita International Students Sustenance Scholarship (AISSS)

  • Stipend: INR 15,000 per month

Dean’s International PhD Scholarship (DIPS) 

  • INR 25,000 per month (with Tuition fee deduction – student will receive 15k at hand)

How to Apply

A recommendation from the HOD/PhD guide needs to be sent to the Dean, International Programs recommending the international student for a scholarship.

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The scholarship team from Amrita Center for International Programs (ACIP) will contact the international student with the relevant forms to be filled and submitted by them within 3 working days for review by the Scholarship Committee of the University. The final decision will be communicated to the international student and their HOD/Guide within 15 working days. If the decision is in favour of the international student, ACIP will send out an official email to the student, concerned department and the Scholarship committee for further processing. The HODs are required to inform their HR department regarding the same for tracking the student attendance and progress.

Every scholarship recipient is supposed to undertake 10 hours/week work load – either teaching or administrative work as allocated in the department.

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