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Research Onboarding Grant

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Research Onboarding Grants are financial support mechanisms designed to help newly appointed researchers or research teams smoothly transition into their roles and projects. These grants are instrumental in providing a financial cushion during the critical phase of launching research endeavors, ensuring that researchers can focus their energy and expertise on their core mission of advancing knowledge.


Who can Apply?

A newly joined faculty, having a doctoral degree, is eligible to apply for ROG within the first two years of his/her joining date.

When to Apply?

Within the first two years since the date of joining as a full time faculty.

How to Apply?

There shall be two parts of application.

Part.A: Eligible Applicants are required to fill out the Online Scrutiny Form.

Part.B: A detailed word document duly filled in with the approval of the head of the institution has to be submitted through email to the Office of The Provost. The standard document template shall be made available in the My Amrita portal.


Submission of Part.A and Part.B applications are mandatory for considering the application as complete.

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